TipX Finally Shoots First Strike With The Nemesis Barrel

The Nemesis Front BlockThe Nemesis Front Block

The Nemesis Barrel & TipX Finally Shoot First Strike Together Thanks to Paintball Tactical Mods

(DL) – If you have a TipX and a Nemesis barrel, but have been unable to use them together, look no further! There’s a new company that is looking to fill your needs. Paintball Tactical Mods has burst onto the scene with an awesome product to do exactly what you need it to.

Nemesis Front Block for TipX by Paintball Tactical Mods
The Nemesis Front Block by Paintball Tactical Mods in Pittsburgh PA

The first question that may be stirring in your brain – especially for you experienced ballers is, Who is Paintball Tactical Mods? You guessed right, they are small start-up paintball manufacturer not unlike what we’ve seen with Simon Stevens Inception Designs.

TipX & Nemesis Are The Mother of Invention

It started in 2018. Paintball aficionado and player Kevin Scheller was tinkering with his Tippmann TipX to make it perform to his personal preference. In the mag fed world, you want your marker to shoot first strike rounds (FSR).

While there are many barrels on the market designed to shoot FSR, one stands above the rest. The Nemesis Barrel. The Nemesis is classified as the top of the line barrel. Kevin has a Nemesis barrel and wanted to affix it to his TipX.

Now Kevin Has Two Paintball Problems

Whilst working on his marker, Kevin discovered that his TipX is not compatible with his Nemesis barrel. Kevin did not accept this dilemma. How can he use the TipX with his Nemesis? There is already an accessory product on the market, a front block, which lies within the marker to adapt to different barrels. None of the researched products were up to Kevin’s standards.

They were either not adaptable with the Nemesis or they were mediocre 3-D printed plastic blocks. Kevin wanted a high end product that would allow the Nemesis to be compatible with his TipX. The gears started churning in Kevin’s head. How could he get a high-quality product to do what he wanted? Answer is simple – craft his own!

Kevin Solved Two Paintball Problems

Kevin went to his friend (now a business partner), who is a machinist at a Florida-based gunsmith company, to inquire about making one front block. By the end of the conversation, they decided not to just make Kevin his own personal front block for the Tipx, but to make a 100 front blocks and market them to the TipX lover! The thought process was that if one person is asking for it – think about how many other people probably need one.

Paintball Tactical Mods Is Born With A Vision

Kevin and his girlfriend and business partner Jennifer Hall want the paintball community to be involved in the products they offer. They want to know what the paintballers want! Kevin is focused on taking that requested product and making it function the way that the specific baller wants.

“For paintballers, by paintballers.”

Paintball Tactical Mods’ vision, in the end, is to provide modified products to players to achieve their ultimate potential whether that is cosmetically or tactically.

Much to Jenn’s chagrin and as cliché as it sounds – Kevin is adamant about his motto – “For paintballers, by paintballers.”

The Hottest New Product in the Mag Fed World?

So what is so special about PTM’s front blocks? How does it compare to the others on the market?  The front block is 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum with an anodized finish. As previously mentioned, the block is compatible with the Nemesis barrel. PTM blocks are fully customizable. Paintballers can choose from three colors: black, gold (yellow), and red.

Laser Etching
Custom Etching Nemesis Front Block by Paintball Tactical Mods

PTM also offers laser etching.  Their customers can choose between eight different fonts and countless images of their choice that can be uploaded while ordering. Let your imagination go wild – there are countless combinations – want an image and verbiage.  No problem – PTM offers etching on both sides of the block.

Front Block by Paintball Tactical Mods with Laser Etching
Nemesis Front Block by Paintball Tactical Mods with Laser Etching

The block is CNC precision machined. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In layman terms – the machine that creates the block is controlled by a computer.

Each block weighs 2.18 ounces and the diameter inside the block (bore size) is .945 inch. It is outsourced from China, but PTM etches and ships its products from Florida. The price of the block is $35.00.

While they only have one product for sale at the time of this article, they have plans for more products. PTM is always on the prowl for new ideas and suggestions. They are looking to “fill the gaps” and create products for the needs and desires of players.

The People Will Have Their Voices Heard

Kevin created a group on Facebook™ titled, “PTM Insiders.” For anyone who wants to become a member of this group – please make a request to join. Another way to join is to be invited by Kevin or Jenn personally.

I am positive that if you play paintball in Pittsburgh or West Virginia, Kevin or Jenn has already sent you an invitation. (Trolls and trouble-makers are not welcome! All members are screened to see that they are true paintballers).

“caviar of paintballers”

The group was designed to promote the company and their new product. It was also designed to be a forum to hear from the paintball world to know what products they need. Thus a perk of being a member of PTM Insiders is having your voice being heard.

Other perks include receiving special offers and promotions that are soon to come as the company grows! These offers and promotions are geared specifically to the insiders.

All The Free Stuff …All The Free Stuff …Throw Your Hands Up

Paintball Tactical Mods is also offering for everyone a Limited Time Offer – Free Laser Etching. At time of writing– there is no expiration date on this offer.  However, this offer will not last forever. So make your move soon.

They also always offer Free Shipping to the Continental United States. To order a front block, please visit www.paintballtacticalmods.com.  If there are any additional questions for Kevin or Jenn, please reach out to them through PTM Insiders, on Facebook or on Instagram – paintballtacticalmods.

The Future Is In Sight

This company has no plans of slowing down and stopping at just this one product. Paintball Tactical Mods plans on producing picatinny rails and clam shells with pre-modifications in the barrel for the TipX now.

Ultimately, they would love to branch out to modification for other mag-fed marker. And maybe one day – they will have their very own complete line of paintball products. If you have any accessories for your TipX pistol or other mag fed markers – do not be shy! Contact Kevin or Jenn through their website or and let them know what you want.

In Conclusion My Thoughts

The future looks big and bright for Paintball Tactical Mods. With these two behind the wheel, we have the utmost confidence that not just a line of accessories will be in their future. Being a mechanic by trade, Kevin does not just tinker with his TipX.

He has tinkered with every marker he has owned. He lives to take them apart, rebuilding, personalizing, adjusting internals, and adding accessories. With their creative and business savvy minds, it’s not a stretch that anyone can easily see a day when Paintball Tactical Mods releases their own marker.


Mag Fed Beginner Glossary

For any player reading this article who is new to the military-simulated (mil-sim) and magazine-fed (mag fed) world, here are a few quick terms/products to help you become familiarized prior to reading this article:

  • Mag Fed – Style of paintball marker that uses magazines rather than a hopper. This gives a limited amount of paint and a more realistic feel to the experience.
  • Tippman TipX – military style paintball pistol for close contact action

Mag Fed Pistol

  • MilSig Nemesis Barrel – aluminum barrel specifically designed for first strike rounds.

  • Front Block – The chamber that holds TipX barrels in place at the front end of the marker.

Nemesis Front Block

  • Picatinny Rail – an attachment on the block that allows for accessories to be attached to the marker.

Picatinny Rail

  • Clam Shell – The manifold or the mold (skin) of the TipX pistol with no internal workings.

Tipx Magfed Pistol By Tippmann

  • First Strike Rounds (FSR) – Shaped paint projectile designed with rear fins to stabilize flight leading to greater range and accuracy.

First Strike Round


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