Mark Hamill Set To Be The Voice Of Chucky!

What a major jump! Actor Mark Hamill, best known by “Star Wars” fans as Luke Skywalker is taking on another iconic role, just in a totally different direction. It has recently been revealed that Hamill will now by voicing Chucky, the evil doll,  from the “Child’s Play” film franchise.

Hamill revealed the news via Twitter saying that he will be voicing the character in the upcoming reboot and taking over for Brad Dourif. This will not be Hamill’s first foray into voice acting work as he is the voice of the Joker in the animated “Batman” series.

The highly anticipated “Child’s Play” reboot will be hitting theaters on June 21st and will be directed by Lars Klevberg. The synopsis for the film is more or less the same as in the original movie: a company launches a high-tech doll, Buddi, which is snapped up by the public who think it’s the ideal child’s toy. Young Andy receives one of the dolls for his birthday – but it turns out to be much for sinister than expected.

We have wonder what the body count will add up to in this film?

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