The Top Eight Moments From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Eight Premiere

** SPOILER ALERT- If you haven’t watched the season eight premiere of “Game Of Thrones” stop reading as the following article contains massive spoilers from the first episode! **

It has been an incredibly long, 595 days to exact, wait for the final season of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones”, but it’s finally here and it was certainly worth the wait. The premiere episode was chock fun of amazing moments, so here are our top eight!

  1. The sheer amount of characters that were reunited in this episode, many which have not laid eyes on each other since season one. Our top reunion picks have to be the emotional one between Arya Stark and Jon Snow and a close second comes at the very end of the episode when Jamie Lannister catches his first glimpse of Bran Stark. Also, let’s note that Bran has the best seat in the house to catch all the visitors to Winterfell, maybe he will simply stare down the Night King when he arrives as well?
  2. Watching the relationship continue to deepen and grow between Daenerys and Jon Snow and their dragon ride to Jon’s old hunting grounds was just spectacular. This also happens to be the moment that we learn that Jon Snow actually CAN ride a dragon.
  3. Did Cersei really hook up with Euron Greyjoy?!?! While we still don’t really understand that one, at least it bought some time for Theon Greyjoy to sneak aboard Euron’s ship and rescue his sister Yara! Good job Theon, you totally earned that head-butt!
  4. Of course, we once again learn that Cersei has some ulterior motives when it comes to fighting this war. She now wants both of her brothers dead, Tyrion and Jamie! She sends Qyburn to offer Bronn a ton of money to kill them if the White Walkers don’t get the job done first. Bronn is friends with both men and doesn’t really take any crap, so would he possibly undermine and scam Queen Cersei and put is own life in danger to save Tyrion’s or Jamie’s? Can’t wait to see how this goes down!  Also, would someone please get Cersei her darn elephants!
  5. The first meeting between Samwell Tarley and Daenerys is not the greatest one, as she sadly informs him that she murdered both his father and his brother. The scene was played out brilliantly, as you can see the very different reactions on Sam’s face as he learns the fate of his father versus that of his brother. He is definitely not the biggest fan of Queen Dany right now!
  6. Watching the interactions between Sansa Stark, the current lady of Winterfell and Daenerys was interesting, to say the least, and it is clear that Sansa is also not the biggest fan of Dany. She is worried about protecting her family and her people of the North. However one of the funniest lines of the episode’s was Dany’s clap-back when Sansa asked “Just what do dragons eat” and Dany replied with a smirk, “Whatever they want!”  Point to Dany on this one!
  7. The adorable flirtation between Arya and Gendry, her long lost blacksmith buddy!  Could we be seeing a relationship is Arya’s future? Goodness knows she could definitely use one after all she has been through and keep in mind, she is known grown-up. Looks like she will still never admit her true kill-count, but she will certainly be a force to be reckoned with this season.
  8. Last, but not least, the news that we have all known for quite some time about Jon Snow’s true birthright was finally revealed to him after a reunion between him and Sam that did not go exactly as planned. The look of utter confusion, heartbreak, and dread that passed over his face when Sam spoke the words of his real name being Aegon Targaryen shows that this revelation is definitely something that Jon will be wrestling with throughout the course of the final season, but will he actually claim his rightful place on the Iron Throne, only time will tell?

Let us know what you thought of the season eight “Game Of Thrones” premiere and what were some of your favorite moment!


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