Jaden Smith Set To Play A Young Version Of Kanye West

It is certainly no big surprise that none other than Kanye West, himself, would be developing an anthology series about … you guessed it!  Himself! However the planned anthology series will not be any sort of documentary, but something very, very different. It has been revealed that Jaden Smith will portray Kanye West in the upcoming project.

Here’s what we know so far! The future series, modestly entitled Omniverse, will focus on “examining the many doors of perception”, according to the official press release, which adds “Season One explores the Ego through an alternate reality Kanye West”.

It has not yet been revealed whether or not Kanye West will be acting in the project, either as himself, or some alternate version of himself, however, we have to say the project seems mildly intriguing. West will be producing the series dedicated to himself and the showrunner will be Lee Sung Jin (a screenwriter who worked on Silicon Valley). It’s been commissioned by the Showtime network, which will study the screenplay before deciding whether or not to allow filming to start on the series.

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