‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Open To The Idea Of A Movie

Seriously, who doesn’t love “Rick and Morty”? Fans were extremely excited when during a recent Redditt AMA session, co-creator Justin Roiland reacted quite enthusiastically to the possibility of turning the fan-favorite animated series into a feature film.

Keep in mind, Roiland’s response must be taken in context! A fan asked: “Will we get a feature length Rick and Morty film ever? A rated R film that’s totally bananas?” To which Roiland responded, “I would love to do that, yeah. Hmm. Hmmmmmm.”  That was all it took to fire up fans online, one of whom called for: “Six seasons and a film. And another four seasons!”, a reference to “Community”, an earlier series by Dan Harmon (co-creator of Rick & Morty alongside Roiland), saved from cancellation at the last minute thanks to the tenacity of fans, who launched the hashtag #sixseasonsandamovie.

We have yet to see the “Community” film come into fruition, however, given the popularity of “Rick and Morty” it would definitely be a safe bet to say there is definitely a larger possibility. There is still quite a big going on in the world of “Rick and Morty” before a film could even be considers as both Harmon and Roiland were just commissioned by the Adult Swim network to create seventy new episodes of the series and season four will be launching in November of 2019.

This gives anyone who hasn’t had a chance to catch this pop-culture phenom of a series a chance to catch up over the summer as the first three seasons of “Rick and Morty” are currently streaming on Netflix!

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