WWE Turns Heel and Kills the American Dream

World Wrestling Entertainment has been the talk as of late, and the talk has not been good. From John Oliver’s host of Last Week Tonight scathing review of the company’s history to the numerous podcasts featuring ex WWE wrestlers talking about the non-existent happiness within the locker room.

With the rise of AEW the mighty phoenix that once was WWE is slowly falling, and wrestlers and writer’s within WWE are trying to claw their way out of the company. All this unhappiness falls on one man’s shoulders. Vince McMahon the man who helped bring wrestling to the mainstream is slowly killing his fan base interest in the product.

It has long been rumored that McMahon lives in his own bubble. No, not a literal bubble, but all he seems to do is work out and watch WWE programming. Knowing your product is a very good thing, but not keeping up with the times, and what’s happening in the real world will hurt the said product. You want to make a PG era and let’s be honest kids watch more hardcore things on the internet. You dumb down your audience, and they want us to cheer when Brock Lesner comes out and steals the Money in the Bank briefcase. The men in that Money In the Bank match put on one hell of a performance, and just because Vince loves big guys the fans get cheated.

Vince McMahon famously stated during the Stone-Cold Steve Austin Podcast that very few people are reaching for the “brass rings” when Austin asked McMahon about some of the wrestlers getting over with fans. But according to various sources within the company, McMahon has been using less and less of his Superstars ideas. You would think some of the ideas that these men and women have would work since they work with their opponent’s night after night in the ring. Sometimes it takes the real person behind the characters they are portraying to get to the audience. Case in point, not even the multi-million- dollar machine that is WWE could get Roman Reigns over with the fans no matter how much they pushed him down our throats. It took the real-life man behind the name to tell the world he was sick with leukemia to get the audience to start cheering his name. Roman Reigns is a hell of a talent and I’m glad he is back and free of cancer.

WWE is a staple in America. The company has been providing entertainment for close to 40 years. But as Vince Mcmahon turns his back to his critics and ideas, it will only make those ratings drop more and more.

Vince McMahon will not listen to storyline ideas from his talent but will take blood money from Saudi Arabia. In the great country of Saudi Arabia, they kill Us citizens, woman have very little rights, and is known as one of the worst places for human rights. But I guess they write one heck of check to kill the American dream and let a billionaire be a tyrant.


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