Carnival Row Review: Amazon Prime Video’s New Series Is Ethereal And Enchanting

Gear up to take the journey of a lifetime with Amazon Prime Video’s “Carnival Row”, as the series is both visceral and delightfully enchanting. For those looking for a new fantasy-esque series to fill the hole left by HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, “Carnival Row” may just be your answer. It is chock full of the same fantastical violence, sexual overtones, and mystical beings and is already deliciously addictive.

“Carnival Row” is set in a place known as the Burgue, where fae folk, pucks, and other fantasy creatures have fled to seek refuge after a war has torn apart their homelands, however, the humans that reside in this world are not so accepting to those who are not their kind.

Series stars Cara Delevingne, who plays a fae fighter and rescuer named Vignette, and Orlando Bloom, who plays Philo a police investigator and former war veteran for the Burgue are superb in their respective roles and the chemistry (which is exceptionally sexual) oozes off of these two throughout the course of the first season. We found ourselves on the edge of our seats just waiting for more screen time between the pair.

Over the course of season one we see the ways in which those in high society act incredibly prejudiced to those that are not of their own race and the ways in which that can tear apart what little peace remains within society from the inside out (sound familiar anyone?) and that is why we feel that despite being a series based upon fantasy elements can still find a way to hit close to home, as this is something we all have all experienced in day to day life.

There is also an element of intrigue to the story, as we are still continuing to learn more and more about the Fae, the humans, and also their enemy The Pact over the course of the season and the murder mystery that Bloom’s character of Philo attempts to unravel, as there is an evil force a work that is much bigger and worse than any of them could have realized. One that poses a huge threat to the entire realm.

The series is addictive right from the start, as the scene is perfectly set from episode one and we have already become emotionally invested in the many characters that “Carnival Row” has brought to our screens. The setting for “Carnival Row” is gorgeous from the rooftop sunset scenes in the Burgue to the flashback visions of the Fae homeland, everything is just breathtaking.  Creators Travis Beacham and René Echevarria should be very proud of themselves.

It is our hope that fans will enjoy “Carnival Row” as much as we are and definitely feel that the series will only continue to pick up steam should it be granted a second season. This one is a must-see as we get ready to delve into the fall television season.

“Carnival Row” begins streaming on August 30th only on Amazon Prime Video!


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