Critter’s Attack’s Takes A Bite Out Of SDCC

The little furry creatures that made a bloody splash in the 80s have crash-landed again and they’re hungry. The cast and crew of Critters Attacks made a special appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and they had a lot to say. Here are a few highlights.

STEVE BLUM who voiced the Critter’s had this to say about working on the film. He did all the voices for the Critter’s in about 8 hours in a studio in Burbank, California. Each Critter has its own personality. He really put over the puppeteers and the people behind the scenes.

KEITH ARBUTHNOT was one of the puppeteers and was super cool to talk to about the film. Keith’s favorite scene in the movie revolves around want to be YouTube personality who meets an untimely end in horrific Critters fashion. They had 20 some Critter puppets on-site during filming. Both Steve and Keith loved the original film.

Legendary actress DEE WALLACE who appeared in the original 1986 film as Helen Brown, returns to the franchise, but as a different character. They used some of the same puppets from the original movie in this film. She had a lot of fun on the set. She loves the Critters franchise. When asked why she came back to the franchise she said that she likes the work and that this time around they made her character a butt-kicker. The film was shot in Cape Town, South Africa.

TASHIANA WASHINGTON  portrays Drea. She really likes the horror genre and always wanted to be in a horror film. Before getting the part of Drea, she was an Uber driver. She was a big fan of the original film. Dee Wallace gave her the advice of “have fun and kick butt” while on set.

Critter’s Attacks is now available DVD and Bluray. Official Trailer Below:




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