Zombie Tidal Wave Premieres Tonight On SyFy


It’s campy. It’s gory and it’s all about zombies. Ian Ziering is back and he’s battling zombies. Zombie Tidal Wave premieres tonight on SyFy at 9 pm. We don’t really need to go in-depth here, but it looks like from the trailer that zombies are coming ashore and Ziering and company have to battle the undead or join them.

After playing Steve Sanders in all ten seasons of Beverly Hills 90210, Ziering has created a cult-like following with the Sharknado series. So far there have been six Sharknado movies all airing on the SyFy network with big numbers churning out to watch the mayhem. Sharknado may be cheesy, but there seems to be an audience that loves those crazy sharks.

Ziering is hoping that those same people who love the Sharknado series will be fall in love with Zombie Tidal Wave. Anthony C. Ferrante who directed all the Sharknado films will be directing this zombie film.

Check out the official Zombie Tidal Wave Trailer below. Are you going to be watching? Let us know in the comments below and also let us know your favorite zombie kill in tonights show.

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