Creepshow Is Coming For You On Shudder

In less than three weeks one of the most highly anticipated shows is coming to Shudder. Creepshow will debut on the horror streaming service on September 26th 2019.  Creepshow will comprise of six episodes with two horror stories per episode.

The series will take place after the last two films with the same concept. The original Creepshow movie came out all the way back in 1982 and featured stories by Stephen King and was directed by horror legend George Romero.

Greg Nicotero will be the showrunner for the series and will also direct an episode. Tom Savani who originally worked on the original Creepshow will also direct an episode called “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain/The Companion. Adrienne Barbeau who appeared in the original movie will appear in an upcoming episode.

We had the opportunity to sit down this past July at San Diego Comic-Con and talk to showrunner Greg Nicotero and some of the cast members that will appear in the series including DJ Qualls, Tricia Helfer, and Giancarlo Esposito.

DJ Quals: fell in love with Greg Nicotero’s vibe and looks forward to looking more in the horror genre.  He is the only person that appears in his episode he had to learn 39 pages of dialogue and only had three days to learn his lines. David J. Schow adapted the story. Watching the Exorcist as a child really messed him up.

Tricia Helfer: will play a powerful CEO who makes some wrong decisions and an accident happens. Is it Karma or bad luck? She gets stuck in an elevator for many hours. She slowly starts to lose her mind and the dead body in the elevator with her starts to act up. The Hitchhiker story from Creepshow 2 was kind of the inspiration for the story. It was her first time working with Nicotero. Shot her episode over a three- day period.

Giancarlo Esposito first worked with Greg Nicotero back in the Breaking Bad days. It is his first foray into horror. Esposito plays a character that has lived in the same town his whole life. His best friend is the sheriff of the town and there just hanging out at the sheriff station when suddenly someone comes barreling through the door. The person looks disheveled and asks if they could help his dad. And the minute they walk through the front door to check on the dad they make the biggest mistake of their life. Esposito will star in Gray Matter which was written by Stephen King.  Esposito worked with Stephen King on his directorial debut Maximum Overdrive. Tobin Bell from the Saw franchise will costar with Esposito.

Greg Nicotero (showrunner) Creepshow all came together while Nicotero was in Australia promoting Walking Dead. While getting on a plane he looked for something to read and found a book called Nights of the Living Dead. The book of short stories is about stories that all take place during the Night of the Living Dead. Nicotero bought the book and read a story by Joe Landsdale and wanted to make a short film based on the story. The people Nicotero contacted to get the rights to the story told him that they were trying to revive Creepshow. Nicotero tried to get Survivor Type made, but due to budget, they had to go with another King story which was Gray Matter. Creepshow was the first film set Nicotero ever visited. They had three days to shoot each story.

Are you looking forward to seeing Creepshow? What stories scared you from the two movies? Leave a comment below.

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