AHS 1984 Review

The 1980s are back in all its hokeyness, thanks to AHS 1984. The series is back for its ninth bloody season. The series was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. This season of AHS was heavily influenced by slasher films like Halloween and Friday the 13th.

I have been looking forward to this series ever since San Diego Comic-Con when I took part in a walkthrough that FX hosted on the lawn of the Hilton Bayfront. Everything about the walkthrough was amazing including the actors and the props used once you walked through the doors to Camp Redwood. You can check out our awesome review here. https://www.ageofthenerd.com/2019/08/our-exciting-adventure-at-the-fx-fearless-forum-at-san-diego-comic-con/

Were only two episodes into the seven-episode season, and blood has already spilled. A lot of fans were upset when news broke that Evan Peters would not be returning this season, but the show must go on.

In 1984 Brooke Thompson ( Emma Roberts) is attacked by the Night Stalker. Brooke meets some new friends at a local aerobics’ studio. Because of Brooke’s past trauma, she decided to leave town with her new friends and be a counselor at Camp Redwood. The camp really reminded me of Camo Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th.

Unknown to Brooke and her friends a serial killer who killed a bunch of counselor years prior has just escaped from an insane asylum. The serial killer is known as Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) and he’s out for more teenage blood and ears. Brooke’s old assailant the Night Stalker ( Zach Villa) also shows up at Camp Redwood looking to finish Brooke off.

AHS is great to watch with Halloween just around the corner. The acting and effects are top-notch and hokey. And if you have been missing the slasher genre you will get your bloody fill, so tune into AHS on the FX Network Wednesdays at 10 PM.

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