Exciting New Teaser Trailer Arrives For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4!

What could be more exciting on a Monday afternoon than discovering that a brand new teaser has dropped for Netflix’s “Stranger Things” season 4! If the trailer is any indication than we are definitely in store for some big moments coming up in the new season, and most likely we will be venturing outside of dear old Hawkins, Indiana as promised!

The big question we were left with at the end of season 3 was what in the heck happened to Hopper? Is he alive or dead? We are seriously leaning towards him being alive and stuck within the confines of a Russian prison and many fans are already beginning to raise even more theories after checking out the new teaser trailer.

While the less than 50-second trailer doesn’t reveal much about the plot or give away the release date for the new season, it does shed a bit of light ( or darkness) on what we can be expecting and it is surely not going to be pleasant. From what we can see, someone is trapped in the Upside Down and the ticking of the clock could perhaps have something do with the time or maybe even time travel.

Also, Netflix announced that The Duffer Brothers have signed a multi-year deal to produce an unknown number of new series and films for the studio, meaning that we can expect many more things to come from the duo in the near future which is even more exciting!

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