A List Of Wikipedia’s Most Controversial Pages


(PCM) Many internet users are familiar with Wikipedia and it’s many uses, especially as a research tool. Although because Wikipedia is written collaboratively by anonymous volunteers who do so without pay and anyone who has internet access can freely edit and make changes to Wikipedia articles, there are often times some opinion-based or incorrect details that find their way onto many of the site’s more popular pages.

Wikipedia is based on a model of open editable content and the name “Wikipedia” is formed from the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning “quick”) and encyclopedia. However, quick does not always mean accurate! We have complied as list of the most controversial Wikipedia pages (meaning those that have had the most edits as of 2015) which can be found below:

  1. President George W. Bush (45,862 edits)
  2. List of WWE personnel (42, 863 edits)
  3. The United States (36,742 edits)
  4. Wikimedia (33,958 edits)
  5. The Beatles (32,399 edits)
  6. Michael Jackson (28,152 edits)
  7. Filipino Television shows (25,188 edits)
  8. Adolf Hitler (24,612 edits)
  9. Britney Spears (23,802 edits)

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