Do Paintballs Stain?

Do Paintballs Stain Your Cloths?

Cotton over synthetics is at the most risk of staining. Paint left to dry too long will stain. The stain is very faint. Like all fabrics, vinegar and a horse hair brush are you best solution.

What Is A Paintball?

Paintballs are round .68 caliber shells filled with a colored gel referred to as paint. In the early days of the sport a paintball fill had more paint like properties. In consideration of cost and concerns over paint like substances leaving permanent stains on the environment and clothing, the fill paint has evolved into a friendlier marking material.

What Are Paintballs Filled With?

Ironically, paintballs are not filled with paint. A paintball is filled with a biodegradable gel. There are always changes being tested to reduced cost. There are two primary choices of fill.

At the inception of paintball, the round paintballs were the ones used to mark cattle and trees made by Nelson. It needed some staying power. It was designed to leave a mark! Paint then came into demand and pharmaceutical companies retrofitted their die role equipment to make paint.

Referred to as PEG in the business. This cost less for field owners. It cost more to manufacture than other current options.

Oil based smells is foul. It costs less. It stains clothing easier. The rain won’t wash the glue like remnants off bunkers despite the color being washed away.

Why Do Paintballs Stain?

Paintballs are not filled with actual paint.

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