The Biggest Loser Marathon to Air On USA Network Before Finale

On Tuesday, March 31, join Robert, Phi, Dom, Delores, Katarina, Megan, Kim, Kristi and Teri on their journey from the very beginning — with a ‘THE BIGGEST LOSER’ Marathon! The marathon (10:43 AM ET – 9:00 PM ET) will feature the first 9 episodes of the season, along with bonus footage, helpful pop-up factoids, and digital workout tutorials featuring host Bob Harper and trainers Steve Cook and Erica Lugo.

Then, at 9:00 PM ET, cross the finish line during the SEASON FINALE, while cheering on the FINAL THREE CONTESTANTS: JIM, KYLE AND MICAH!

Who will bring home the $100,000 prize!? MARATHON WITH US to find out!