Sammi’s Favorite Things: Chendell

To  celebrate Earth Day, I have decided to share my new favorite book Chendell. Written by Leslie I Landis, it takes readers on the adventure of a lifetime, all while teaching us about the environment. I won’t give anything away, but it is definitely a must read for people of all ages.

The book also comes in an audio version, which is narrated by Alicia Silverstone and Adrian Greiner. The book alone is incredible, but the audio gives it something extra that will keep listeners captivated from start to finish.


More info:

While on a research trip to the Peruvian rainforest, Robin Dell and Jamie Chen’s lives (and consciousness) are changed forever when they drink a shaman’s brew and are transformed into CHENDELL. Two halves of one person. A dual consciousness – female and male – in one body. This new being is streamlined. Eurasian. As CHENDELL, their fight is to save our environment from the people responsible for ecocide and biocide – the willful destruction of the environment and the annihilation of living organisms. Finally, Nature has a hero.