Celebrity Spotlight: Katie Hamilton

 Katie Hamilton is a superstar in her own right and is a great role model for women everywhere. She currently hosts the hit podcast  “When Life Throws You A Curve & How To Make The Adjustment,” which she uses as a platform to help others dealing with challenges in life.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the blonde beauty said that this was the perfect time to do the podcast. Although it began before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Katie was ready to not only share her stories, but help others in the process. Her goal is to share life tips and navigate into uncharted territory that lead to the good things in life. She hopes that people learn from herself and her guests and end up leading a better, more positive life. 

She is also writing a book called Pure Identity, which she began when she got married. She took a break from writing when she got divorced and faced illness, but decided to jump back into it several months ago. However, life during the pandemic caused her to slow down on writing a bit, especially since she is homeschooling her children, but she looks forward to finishing it soon and sharing it with the world. While she didn’t give much away, she did say that there are a lot of layers she is adding and it is something she hopes people can relate to on some level.

Katie is the kind of woman you would love to chat with for hours over wine or coffee. She is a friend, the everywoman and someone who is relatable on many levels. She is a mom, friend, daughter and above all else, a role model. He positive attitude and love for life and people are what makes her someone who can go from stranger to lifelong friend in just one meeting. I look forward to seeing what else she has to offer in the future, for I know she is going to succeed!