Celebrity Spotlight: Carlton Jordan

Carlton Jordan is a man of wonder, amazement and talent.  Seeing his work is incredible, but getting to know him on a personal level is a true honor.  He may not be a household name quite yet, but he is well on his way to becoming one of the best known names in the business. If his work on Poz Roz is any indication of what he is capable of creating, the world is in for a huge treat as his career progresses and he comes out with more content.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the multitalented Carlton discussed the show, life and much more. Check out some of the highlights below. 

1. Carlton describes Poz Roz as a show that centers around a woman named Roz, who is a young black woman who finds out she is HIV positive. The show, who has a dramedy feel to it, follows her life as she deals with her post diagnosis life, which includes finding love, coming to terms with her diagnosis and other interesting things that you will need to tune in and see.

2. He came up with the idea due to being a member of the gay community. He says that HIV is a part of the conversation amongst members of the LGBTQ community and a part of his life for a long time. He always wanted to do a story like this, but did not know how to present it. That all changed when reading one of his favorite blog and seeing a post about a woman with HIV. This got him thinking and, thus Poz Roz was born!

3. For Carlton, the biggest challenge was making sure that the conversation was modern day. He is a bit older than the characters on the show, so he wanted to make sure everything came across in an appropriate manner. There was a producer on the show who was HIV positive that was able to give insight and make sure he was telling the story he wanted without being tone deaf. He credits his whole team on helping him with the writing and coming up with stories, which he hopes people watching can enjoy.

4. He hopes the show also brings awareness to sexual health and that they become comfortable with discussing it the way they discuss mental health. He hints at other sexual health journeys being shared on the show and thinks that it will help open the doors to discussions in the future. While it is an educational to a point, he says it is also a fun journey.

5. Carlton is a self proclaimed helper and organizer and loves being there for others in any way he can. He says people often come to him to help them out with their lives and for advice, but admits he needs to work on it in his own life. 

There are many SUPER SECRET PROJECTS in the works, so stay tuned!