Seven Camping Hacks To Try On Your Next Trip

Seven Camping Hacks To Try On Your Next Trip

While international travel is out of the picture due to the Covid-19 pandemic as many governments have put a pause on international travel, camping across the beautiful locations within your country could be an alternative to feed your travel enthusiasm. It’s evident that for the past few months we all have been practising social distancing and self-isolation and the only trips we made were within the rooms of our homes.

Say no more, pack your luggage and other camping essentials on the roof top tent to hit the road in your caravan with buddies or a loved one to explore nature after so long. However, regardless of your expertise in camping, some things may go down south very quickly once you hit the road. Whether it’s an essential item that you’ve left back home or stuck in a complicated situation with no help and clue about what to do.

So here are seven camping hacks that might make your next trip a better experience than ever without any hassle.

Make a DIY Insect repellent

When you are spending your nights in the wild, it’s evident that the diverse wildlife may accompany you during your stay. And, the company of bugs and insects is gracious and welcoming, said nobody. So, the next time you forget a bug repellent on your camping trip, this hack may come handy to you. Sage acts as a natural repellent to many insects and bugs without having any side effects on humans whatsoever. So grab some sage leaves and tie them into a bundle and light it on fire from one end. The smoke from the burning sage leaves keeps the mosquitoes and insects far away from your camping site.

Carry eggs in a plastic bottle

When heading for a camping trip, packing is one of the biggest challenges many amateurs face during the initial phase. Not everyone would be able to survive on packed, fast foods during their voyage either. So packing the essential groceries is a must to relish a delicious breakfast on the mountains amidst the bright sun. However, the challenge is how to carry eggs while camping?. It’s simple, take the required eggs in an empty plastic bottle. It is not only hassle-free, but you will not require a whisk or an extra bowl to make eggs on the campfire during your next camping expedition.

Don’t miss out on a hot shower

A hot shower definitely comes under the luxe category while you are exploring the wild in a caravan or a mobile home. You can easily make a DIY shower using a water jug, a replacement scout from a garden watering can or a showerhead, a rope and some gorilla tape. First off, tie the rope around the water jug to make a perfect handle to hang the DIY shower over something. Wrap the rope tied across the jug with the gorilla tape, so it stays in one place when hanged from a tree. Mount the scout precisely using a glue gun if there is any gap between the jug and the scout. Finally, wrap the gorilla tap around the jug, to absorb heat, so the water becomes hot when left under the sun for a day.

Make your own speakers

Entertainment has become an essential element of our lives, and some of us can’t do without it, no matter where we are. If you forgot your portable speaker back home and reached your camping site already, making a DIY speaker on the go isn’t rocket science. All you need is a cardboard tube and two plastic cups. Firstly, cut holes on one side of the two plastic cups, same as the circumference of the cardboard pipe and insert the cups on both ends of the tube. Then, carefully make a slit in the centre of the cardboard tube wide enough to place your phone comfortably.

Emergency light source

Light is another essential item you can’t do without while you are out in the wild camping. However, if the big emergency light you carry runs out of battery or you need a greater light source as an emergency light, here’s a DIY for you. All you need is a plastic bottle or a milk can filled with water and a torch or any light source. Place the water bottle in a place and point the light in the direction of the bottle. You will have a more powerful light due to luminescence. 

Tic-Tac boxes are best for storing essential food ingredients

Carrying food ingredients and grocery can be quite challenging, as discussed earlier. However, things may get really messy when they take up too much space and the luggage increases. A compact and practical solution to that is using empty tic-tac boxes to carry spices and other food ingredients. The best part is you can even attach name tags to each tic-tac box to easily spot the required ingredient and store them all in a small plastic Tupperware box.

Vacuum seal your food while packing

It’s evident that you won’t be travelling miles to visit a camping site for a few hours. You would at least be spending a couple of nights camping in a serene environment. The challenge here is to keep the packaged food fresh as several climatic conditions play a role in rotting food items while travelling. However, vacuum sealing the food packets eliminates any atmospheric oxygen that restricts the growth of any harmful bacteria or fungi that feed on the food ultimately rotting it. This hack comes handy, especially while packing meat as it is challenging to keep it fresh for days without a refrigerator.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an amateur or have been camping for many years, for now, make sure to follow all safety precautions as you will be spending the nights in a tent amidst wild creatures. Learning basic survival tactics such as removing a splinter comes handy, during emergencies.

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