Baby Sitters Club Episode 6: Claudia and Mean Janine 

This episode opens with Claudia and Stacey going to see Richard, who thinks they are there to see Mary Anne. He tells the girls she is not home and they say they are there to apologize about the wallpaper incident. He also apologizes for his actions They ask if he knows of Queer Eye, which he is hesitant to admit. He asks if he is there and they say they are the Terrific Two and beg him to help do Mary Anne’s room. 

Claudia (as narrator) says Richard isn’t a bad guy, he just needs to be worn down. He says yes and the work begins. Claudia works with Mary Anne, while Stacey helps Richard on a makeover of his own.

Before long, the room is done and the girl are thrilled, although Mary Anne is a bit more subdued in her excitement. 

Claudia talks (in narration)about the art show Mrs. Johanssen recommended her for and how she is using it to get closer to Trevor. He compliments her Tootsie Roll painting and talks about how one of the judges is head of a special art school in New Haven(what Claudia says fancy people call Yale). He says they sometimes make exceptions and admit middle school students. He thinks Paola, the judge will love her work. 

Janine comes in and snarks at her art work and make sure she did her homework, causing Claudia to snark right back. Trevor leaves as Claudia (in narration) says that Janine is a life ruined who only made things worse after dinner when Mimi made her play Janine’s favorite game. Mimi isn’t feeling well.

The game ends with the girls fighting and Mimi going to lie down. The girls continue to fight when Mimi collapses.

The Kishis are at the hospital when the doctor comes out to talk to them. Kimiko says she is Mimi’s daughter. Mimi is stable, but has to stay due to her having a stroke. Janine explains it to the family and the doctor is impressed with her knowledge.

Mr. Kishi asks more questions and the doctor says that due to the nature of the stroke, her speech will most likely be affected. Claudia asks if she can talk at all, but the doctor says it is too early to tell.  She then lets the family go see her, but Claudia stays behind, saying that the one person she wants cannot be with her. 

Later on, Stacey meets with Claudia to tell her all her jobs are covered for the next few weeks. Claudia says she wants things back to normal, when Janine comes in and explains to her that Mimi’s chances of recovery are low due to her age. Claudia says to stop calling her delusional that Mimi loves her more. Janine runs away in tears. 

Liz comes by with pizza and Richard comes with casseroles. Claudia hugs Richard, who is surprised. Liz asks what kind of casserole an he says healthy. He then asks what kind of pizza Liz got. 

Mary Anne, Kristy and the rest of the Thomas kids are also there, including Sam, whom Stacey likes. The girls tease her about her new crush. Dawn comes by and they all have dinner and make get well cards for Mimi. The topic moves to Liz and Watson’s wedding. Stacey asks Sam if he is excited about the move and he says he is, but Kristy thinks it means her mom is becoming an anti feminist. Kristy scoffs at this.

In the kitchen, Richard and Liz are cleaning up and discuss how he and Sharon broke up due to being so different. Liz says his hair looks nice and he says there is clay in it. At that moment, the phone rings.

The kids continue to make cards when Claudia asks Mary Anne if she likes her new room. She says she does, but needs to get used to it. Liz tells Claudia that Mimi woke up. 

At the hospital, Claudia runs to hug her parents, who say Mimi is talking a little bit. She then goes to stroke Janine’s her before she goes to see Mimi. 

During the visit with Mimi, Claudia talks about her art show and gives her the get well cards. Mimi keeps talking about a peach and a house, confusing Claudia. Mimi gets agitated, so the doctor asks her to leave.

Later on, she uses drawing as the therapy and a way to figure out what Mimi was saying.

Art show day arrives and the girls are all there for moral support. Kristy says Claudia’s art actually looks like something instead of scribbles. Stacey asks if she means abstract and Kristy says she likes what she likes. 

Trevor lets her know the judges are coming and points out that Paola is the one in the glasses. The girls wish her luck and Mary Anne tells her Mimi would be proud. 

Mary Anne has an awkward conversation with Logan with Kristy and Dawn watching. Mary Anne says that she choked and they remind her she is making progress. She is not convinced and talks about the other changes in her life. They ask her if she likes her room and she admits it doesn’t feel like home and maybe she wasn’t ready to leave some stuff  behind.

Paola questions Claudia’s art and asks her to ask herself why she wants to do art and what she wants people to see. This leaves her very confused. 

At the hospital, Claudia tries to communicate with Mimi. Janine gives her a book, saying it might help her. She opens it and Mimi starts identifying pictures Claudia drew. She then starts talking about Manzanar, which Janine understands and Claudia does not, leaving her more upset and confused than ever.

Mary Anne, Dawn and Kristy are in the attic, looking at the egg picture that used to be in Mary Anne’s room. While there, they find a picture of her mom.

Claudia is in the waiting room. Janine tells her Claudia is sleeping and explains that Mimi’s mind went back to when she was five and in an internment camp during World War II. Claudia had no idea and Janine told her she does not discuss it unless asked. She says that the house, horses and peaches are things she remembers from that time….but it is a good sign because she is finding her way back to them. Claudia cannot understand it and the sisters hug. 

Claudia reflects on everything as she reads up on the war and draws. Mary Anne puts the old pictures and one of her mom back in her room with Richard watching proudly. 

The episode ends with Mimi coming home and Mrs. Pike asking for mothers helpers for Sea City while Claudia looks at a picture she drew of Mimi as a young girl.