David Arquette Talks New Thriller ’12 Hour Shift’ And Shares Some ‘Scream 5’ Details!

David Arquette has been quite the busy man these days, as he starred in the film “You Can’t Kill David Arquette” and most recently released the zany thriller “12 Hour Shift” alongside Angela Bettis and Chloe Farnworth. Arquette is also reprising his role as Dwight “Dewey” Riley in the highly anticipated film “Scream 5”.

If you are looking for a fun/off-the-wall thriller then “12 Hour Shift” is the film for you! Arquette plays the role of prison inmate Jefferson who is brought to the hospital during one absolutely insane overnight shift! Arquette also serves as a producer on the film.

The plot for “12 Hour Shift” is as follows:

Over the course of one night in 1998 at an Arkansas hospital, a junkie nurse (Angelia Bettis), her scheming cousin (Chloe Farnworth), and a group of black market organ-trading criminals get caught up in a heist gone wrong.

And believe us … things really, really begin to go wrong!

Arquette spoke to us about how he became involved with “12 Hour Shift”, working with his fellow castmates and of course a few details about “Scream 5” (it looks like the Dewey stache will be making a return!) You can check out our full interview below:

Q: Can you talk to us about how you became involved with the “12 Hour Shift” film, as you not only acted in the film but produced it as well? 

DAVID ARQUETTE: Well, I’ve known Jordan and Matt and Tara Perry of HCT Media for a long time and they are just such wonderful filmmakers and they were producing this and they got Brea Grant involved and I read her script and she is just this incredible writer/director that has just a unique voice. She is such a powerful female director in a business where there’s not enough and we need more, so it was wonderful to get to be a part of it and then my wife, it was the first feature film that she had produced and I was just so impressed by it and I told her ‘You’re the best producer I’ve ever worked with’ and she was like ‘Stop!’ and I’m serious because she was a journalist and went to NYU and the toolbox that she had from journalism just fit right in so perfectly with producing that I was just so blown away. We just had a great team and a wonderful script.

 It shows! It looks like you all must have so much fun on-set and behind-the-scenes putting this film together.

We did! It was really a lot of fun! We had Mick Foley who is the wrestler was gracious enough to come in and do a part and that was really thrilling to me because I’m such a huge fan of his and to be able to see him act was wonderful. Brea just put together this incredible cast with Angela [Bettis] and Chloe [Farnworth], Tara Perry and Thomas Hobson, and really just these wonderful actors and we all had so much fun doing this small film in the middle of Arkansas in this partially abandoned hospital. It was surreal for sure!

 I can imagine! Did Mick Foley share any wresting advice with you? At what point was this filmed before “You Can’t Kill David Arquette”? 

It was sort of right at the beginning and I had sort of been training and I had been wrestling and he [Mick Foley] had this really fun thing he said which was something to the effect of ‘instantaneous cost reward analysis’ when he does certain insane stunts! (laughs)

So, I should have taken his advice more before I did some of the things I did! (laughs)

 You did an amazing job with that film as well! Our site just recently interviewed the directors for “You Can’t Kill David Arquette”!

Thank you!

 Getting back to “12 Hour Shift”, how do you feel it stands apart in the thriller film genre? It definitely did focus on a strong female cast. There was also just enough humor to break up some of the more tense moments. It had some great one-liners! 

Yeah, for sure! I love the tone of it! It’s got this really dark little twisted feeling and it’s so funny that they are all essentially “essential workers” doing this crazy stuff! I mean, these people who are now heroes, who have always really been heroes, but they’re doing bad stuff in this realm, but really I loved the tone of it with the scary stuff and then some really tongue-in-cheek humor tossed in … I just love the tone that Brea put in the script.

Where do you feel that Jefferson’s story is now? Where does he end up? We know he took Regina, so what do you feel ended up happening? 

Well, if you look at what typically happens … if some escapes then they will probably get out for about a week or so and then they find them, so I’m sure he caused some damage and ran around and did some scary horrible things. He probably just drank a lot and got into trouble (laughs)! Hopefully, although I’m not a big fan of incarceration, I don’t know, I hope he did some self-reflection!

Something tells me that might not happen! 

Yeah, it’s kind of hard for a sociopath to discover a heart!

Absolutely! But I love how he was kind of like the “cool guy” in the film! Like the sexy inmate type! 

(Laughs) I know!  Nothing like a sexy inmate! It’s like that sexy mugshot meme guy!

Yes, exactly! So, what was one of your favorite on-set moments? 

My favorite was just being able to get to work with Christina [McLarty]. It was her first feature film so just to see her do her magic was just amazing to see …she was filling out everyone’s timecards and getting contracts in order and then Matt and Jordan are just amazing and I’ve known them for years and Matt is so incredible behind the camera setting up shots and Jordan is amazing as he built this rig to create rain because it had been raining before and he just ran out and made one, so that sort of ingenuity was really fun. Also, watching Angela Bettis work was incredible because she’s just such a tremendous actress and she has this very grounded and real honest way of performing. She has such a huge heart and soul that comes out even though she is playing this dark character.

Absolutely! What are some other upcoming projects in the works for you, as obviously everyone is buzzing about “Scream 5”? 

I have a film coming out August 30th called “Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story” and it’s the story of Jackie Ryan, a notorious New York City streetball player, a basketball player …it’s a beautiful love story about his love for a woman and his love for basketball. I’m about to go away for “Scream” to start shooting in about a week and I just shaved into my Dewey mustache! It’s fun to have a ‘stache again! Right in time for Movember!!

For sure! I know so many fans are super excited for “Scream 5”, as it something they have been wanting for quite some time! 

I know! The Radio Silence guys are some incredible and they were inspired by Wes [Craven] and it’s going to be bittersweet without having Wes there, as he was such a tremendous human being and just an amazing director but also just a mentor … you know, there are certain people that I’ve met in my life that have had such an impact and left an incredible impression on me like Wes has and he’ll be missed for sure, but it’s exciting to carry on his legacy and honor him in that way. I have a feeling his heart and spirit will be there with us and I’m excited to work with Courteney [Cox] and Neve [Campbell] again and I love playing this character and I love the relationship he has their characters so it should be a lot of fun!

“12 Hour Shift” is out now in theaters and On Demand.

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