The Season Is Here To Watch The Christmas Chronicles 2

Christmas season is upon us and that means that a plethora of Christmas movies will be hitting the airways. One such movie is Christmas Chronicles 2. That is right the sequel to the hit movie that first came to Netflix in 2018 has just dropped its sequel a few weeks back. This sequel came out of nowhere and I was so happy to see it come across the screen.

We are all living in a very strange time, and everyone could use a little holiday cheer. Christmas Chronicles 2 follows Kate Pierce, now a cynical teen, who is unexpectedly reunited with Santa Claus when a mysterious troublemaker threatens to cancel Christmas – forever.  The film is a fun. And with a runtime of one hour and fifty two minute’s there is plenty of take in. And just being able to watch Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn portraying Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus is worth the watch. The Christmas couple most definitely have the perfect relationship onscreen, because they have been together in real life for decades.

The other magical element to the Christmas Chronicles is director Chris Columbus. The director has been involved in Christmas storytelling going all the way back to Home Alone. Columbus seems to have the perfect mind set for creating the perfect winter wonderland. And with Columbus helping write the screenplay for the sequel, we can only hope that he writes another film.

The Christmas Chronicles is a breath of fresh air for fans of Christmas movies, and hopefully creates a tradition with families to watch the films every holiday season. I know the Christmas Chronicles will be on my tv screen for years to come. And hopefully with Chris Columbus steering the sleigh we will get another Christmas Chronicles in the near future.

Get some hot chocolate ready and watch the trailer for Christmas Chronicles 2 below:

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