Chaos Never Dies Day

Chaos Never Dies Day is celebrated on November ninth of each year.  The idea that chaos is an ongoing problem in our society is fairly obvious to anyone from about the age of ten up.  We get frustrated with the chaos in schools and our jobs and at our homes, even the hobbies and things that we actually enjoy doing can be chaotic at times or even cause the chaos.

Though there is no official origin for Chaos Never Dies Day it is recognized on several websites throughout the internet community.  The idea of the day is to recognize the chaos in our lives and do something, no matter how small to change it. 

Is your desk a mess?  Straighten it out and determine to keep it that way.  Is your family always heading in different directions?  Take some time to sit down together and make the changes necessary to have time for each other.  A meal together as a family is very important, but imagine the chaos dropping if you and your co-workers sat down regularly for lunch.  Even determining to get up ten minutes earlier than the rest of the house, to have ten minutes of peace could change your life.  Step out of the chaos and become an instrument for creating order.

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