Coming Up On Netflix in December 2021

Netflix December Releases

Last month, Netflix made waves in the streaming world once again with Squid Game, You Season 3, and Big Mouth Season 5 among many others. As the holiday season rolls in, Netflix is pumping out new content that’s bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. December will give us Sandra Bullocks’ drama The Unforgivable on December 10. Early December will also give us animated adventures JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Kayko & Kokosh.

Season 3 of Lost in Space, expected to be the final in the trilogy, pick up where season two ended, with the Robison Family lost in an unknown star system. Nearby, they discovered Fortuna, a ship that had vanished nearly twenty years earlier and was commanded by Grant Kelly, Judy’s biological father.

Netflix has announced its Christmas and Holiday movies, which include:

Love Hard (Nov. 5)
Father Christmas is Back (Nov. 7)
The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (Nov. 18)
Robin Robin (Nov. 24)
A Boy Called Christmas (Nov. 24
A Castle for Christmas (Nov. 26
Single All the Way (Dec. 2)
David and the Elves (Dec. 6)
A Naija Christmas (Dec. 6)
The Claus Family (Dec. 7)
A California Christmas: City Lights (Dec. 16)
Grumpy Christmas (Dec. 22)
1000 Miles from Christmas (Dec. 24)

The highly anticipated The Great British Baking Show, Holidays: Season 4 premieres on Friday, December 3. Wrapping up the month, on December 31, the fourth season of the Nextflix original, Cobra Kai premieres.

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