November Is Peanut Butter Lover’s Month

(PCM) If you were stranded on a desert island and could have a lifetime supply of only one kind of food, what would you choose? If you said peanut butter, then have we got something exciting for you!

No, it’s not a one-way ticket to the Caribbean; it’s better: an entire month dedicated to celebrating peanut butter (and peanut butter lovers like you).

Peanut Butter Lovers Month started as Peanut Butter Lovers Day on November 4th, 1990, in honor of Dr. John Kellogg’s first application for a peanut butter patent back in 1895. The holiday was extended (or should we say spread) to fill the entire month of November in 1995, to celebrate 100 years of this delicious, all-American treat.

In only one short century, peanut butter has become one of America’s iconic comfort foods. We enjoy it in our lunch boxes, spread on crackers and bagels, baked into cookies or pies, and even, decadently, right out of the jar.

Far from being a guilty pleasure, though, peanut butter is actually good for you, especially if you eat “natural” peanut butter, without added sugar and emulsifiers. Rich in protein, fiber, immune-boosting nutrients and the good kinds of fat, peanut butter can help you stick to your diet (haha, get it?) by making you feel fuller and satisfied longer. Eating peanuts (which is all peanut butter really is) has also been linked to lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases.

So if you’re nutty for peanut butter, feel free to dig in – and help spread the word! Happy Peanut Butter Lover’s Month to you and yours!

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