Five Fave: Super Bowl LVI 2022 Commercials

Everybody watches the Super Bowl. Actually, everybody watches the Super Bowl commercials. It is the one sporting event of the year where you actually run to the bathroom during game play. Every year, millions are spent trying to be funny, surprising, memorable and hopefully raise brand awareness. The 2022 Super Bowl commercials were no exception. There were celebrity pairings, old songs brought back, talking animals and movie previews. There were a lot of telephone and electric car ads, but I challenge you to remember which vehicles were being hawked by characters from Austin Powers to The Soprano’s to Schitt’s Creek. Here are our Five Fave Super Bowl LVI 2022 Commercials.

#5 – BMW – Zeus & Hera

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek brought the ultimate star power, playing the gods Zeus and Hera, attempting to retire in peace. The neighbors keep bugging Zeus to zap them with some power, frustrating him to no end. Hera rewards his patience by giving him a boost direct from an electric BMW. Their pet is priceless.

Best Line: Don’t forget to take Peggy for a walk.

#4 – Flamin’ Hot Doritos and Cheetos – Push It

A jungle explorer drops some Flamin’ Hot Doritos and Cheetos in the jungle, and the tried and true trick of humanizing animals slowly builds to perfection, with a freestyle rendition of Salt N Pepa’s “Push It”. You can’t beat dancing animals.

Best Line: The fox beat boxing.

#3 – Verizon 5G Internet – The Cable Guy

The best case of resurrecting an old movie character was Verizon’s on the nose use of Jim Carrey as “The Cable Guy” who can’t believe you can get internet service without cable. A great pairing that actually fits the product and explains its value, brilliantly acted.

Best Line: Hidden fees? I love those.

#2 – Rocket Mortgage – Barbie Dream House

Anna Kendrick helps a little girl get Barbie her dream home, using Rocket Mortgage. The clip is chock full of typical catch phrases from home improvement and house hunting shows. It also finds a way to cleverly introduces Rocket Homes as a home finding tool. An amazing concept executed to perfection.

Best Line: I found a fixer upper castle on Rocket Homes.

#1 – E*TRADE – E*TRADE Baby “Off The Grid”

My instant favorite Super Bowl Commercial was the recruitment of the E*TRADE Baby to come out of retirement and help people invest wisely. The second it starts, and you see the baby realize he has been found, the laughs start and never stop coming. The more you think about it, the more clever the entire premise becomes.

Best Line: They’re taking financial advice from memes!

(spit take) I’ll get my onesies.

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