What’s Coming to AppleTV in May of 2022

Streaming Lists and News for AppleTV May 2022

CODA Wins Best Picture-The First Best Picture Win for an AppleTV Film

CODA was announced as the 94th Academy Awards best picture win, securing a win for the relatively newer streaming platform AppleTV. The film stars best-supporting actor winner Troy Kotsur and Emilia Jones in the leading role. The film follows Jones’s character Ruby the only hearing member in a deaf family as she discovers a newfound love for music.

In addition to receiving the most honorable award a film can obtain, the film has also been critically praised for its honest and engaging portrayal of a deaf family and has paved the way for future deaf actors and films centered around the deaf community. CODA‘s win has also certified AppleTV as a viable source for Oscar-worthy content. This moves the platform up in ranks quality-wise rivaling the likes of Netflix and HBOMax. Alongside CODA, AppleTV has gained recognition for other projects such as The Morning Show and Ted Lasso. 

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