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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Will Not Return for a Fifth Season

The action-adventure series based on the books by Tom Clancy will end with season 4. Season 3 is still in production. with no official release date set for the new season, plenty of details have been revealed regarding casting and plot. Michael Peña has been cast in a yet to be revealed role, though fans of the series are predicting he will play Domingo Chavez and that a spin-off series revolving around this character may be underway. John Krasinski of course returns as the titular Jack Ryan as his character has landed in a bit of trouble since last season, now being wanted by the CIA. Fans are interested to see how he will find his way out of this dire circumstance and how more of the novel’s content will be utilized and adapted in the show. Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly are also returning in season 3 as James Greer and Mike November. Even though the show is coming to an end, fans can expect more Tom Clancy material and two more action-packed seasons of Jack Ryan. 


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