Following Greece’s Lead

Following Greece’s Lead

Greece is the case study of how socialism doesn’t work. The above video is of the rioting in Athens Yesterday, but this has been going on for two years now as the country has crumbled under the weight from the personal greed of Socialism. The anarchists in the above video are mostly people bussed in by the Trade Unions and the Communist party to intimidate politicians from voting for an unpopular austerity package — much like what you saw at the Capital in Wisconsin in May. The city is virtually on fire right now.

Over the last couple of decades in Greece, a higher percentage of people don’t pay any taxes — while a small percentage pay the largest percentage of taxes collected. This caused a class of the producers moving from Greece, hiding their income, or just throwing the towel. You’re starting to see the same thing (The John Galt Protest of the Producers) here in the US where 43% don’t pay a cent in Personal Income Tax — and 5% pay 801% of the Personal Income Tax.

20% of the people work for the government in Greece. Under Obama, government workers have shot up to 14% in the US over the last two years — and we’ve not yet had Obamacare kick in.

The majority of the rest of the employed people are the looters employed by the Unions — who have for decades been friends of the Government. Sound familiar? They work short hours, paid twice their worth in a capitalist society, receive month long vacations, retire in the mid-50s with a big pension, and have benefits pay for all major expenses. They are the looters of Greece. In the US Unions have ruined the auto Industry (giving it to Asia), and the steel industry (gone forever). Their main strength now is in Government — where they are allowed loot the States and Federal Treasury in return to get out eh vote and contributions.

The balance of the people in Greece are unemployed Moochers. They simply refuse to work, and expect the government and the taxes collected from the producers to pay their way through life. If you pay any attention to current events — you’ll see where interviews of these people now having them complaining that the US doesn’t do enough to help them — as it is our duty because we are rich and they are not.

Fact is that we contribute something like 17% (plus whatever other commitments Obama throws in from our public treasury) to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) — which has been throwing billions at Greece (and other European countries).

Greece’s problem stems from pure Greed. They elected Socialists who promised the masses a free ride as Moochers and Looters by simply electing them — just as we’ve done here in the US since FDR, our first King of the Moochers. The plan was to take the money from the producers — but they didn’t expect that the Producers would be so pissed from being looted that they’d cheat, move from Greece, or simply give up. The money dried up — but the Looters and Moochers kept mooching and looting. Now they know of no other way — and the current generation of young people are totally worthless and helpless, so they riot. This is much like the US’ third generation (since LBJ’s Great Society) of Welfare recipients paid based on the number of fatherless children they can crank out — pimping and hoing between rioting and flash robbing.

Spain and Portugal are in the same boat as Greece — with Italy right behind them. A little further back is Ireland (for a different reason), and a little further back is going to be France and Britain — because of their mooching Muslim population. Are of Europe will be set on fire by the Looters and Moochers when the money runs out.

Speaking of Muslims, this is also happening all over the Middle East. They’re currently rioting in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco — with other countries as big as Saudi Arabia to soon follow. There the repressive governments have financed a meager existence of the people doing nothing — and now those people want bigger cut. Instead of Communists and Unions the Middle East have the Muslim Brotherhood (recently changing their name in ACORN fashion), Hamas, and Hezbollah — which see this as an opportunity, much in the same way the Ayatollah saw the opportunity with the Shaw of Iran in the 70s. How did that work out?

Yet we don’t learn from any of this. We continue to elect people who promise free stuff that we can’t afford — and politicians saving their cushy job (where the bigger benefit is $100,000 futures tips) by kicking the can down the road — just as Greece did. We are on the path of becoming Greece — but the bigger problem is that there won’t be an IMF to bail us out. We cannot continue to throw a trillion dollars at shovel ready Union jobs, crony businesses that donate to the right campaigns, Jet Setting the Obama Family entourage around the world for their entertainment, free golf carts, government bail outs, and all of the rest of the money we’re wasting. We need to stop devaluing the dollar with the printing of tens of billions — while calling it “Quantitative Easing” (QE1 & QE2, and maybe soon a QE3). We cannot grow the government in the fashion we have in the last two years — and then Unionize them. These government agencies (Like the TSA) have been acting like Thugs — much as the Nazi Brown Shirts did. We shouldn’t be involved in the Middle East — which the exception of protecting our only friend over there, Israel. We certainly don’t need to be picking the wrong side — as we did in Iran back in the 70s. Let them just kill themselves — it keeps them too busy to fly planes into towers and bomb hotels.

We need to stop being so damn greedy and selfish, and take the little pain required to fix things now — instead of getting to the point of Greece where the pain will be unbearable. This time to save ourselves is about to run out. Yes — we’ll need to give up some Social Security and Medicare — and that sucks. I’ve paid the max in all of my life and that money would have been better invested privately. Yes we’ll have to stop studying the effect of AIDS on Hookers in China or shrimp on treadmills. Yes — we need to let the world start to take care of itself instead of the US always being the Cop and the rich uncle. Yes, cronies will no longer get greased as a reward of the Political Bundling efforts. We need to stop throwing money at an inferior educational system run by Unions. All looting needs to be stopped. All anti-Productive regulations need to be reversed.

People need to find it more of a benefit to work — than to be a moocher, which should be too painful to be accepted as a way of life. It was never in the plan of the Founding Fathers to create a Federal Government that was to grow so large, tax so much, and govern every aspect of its citizens’ lives — from sodas in schools to what kind of light bulb you can legally own.

People need to wake up and wake those around them. This apathy and personal greed screwed Greece, is screwing Spain, Portugal, and most of the rest of Europe. It is also screwing the US. Replace the politicians with those who convince you they we reduce the size of government — and rid us of the Looters and Moochers. Get involved with slapping sense into your friends now — by educating them on what is happening.

Originally written June 29, 2011, Courtesy of