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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Has Final Word on Hebrews 2 Negros

| December 2, 2022 — Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America is still for sale on Amazon. The documentary goes far beyond what some black entertainers have wanted to discuss about Jewish people in powerful positions. Amazon’s current CEO Andy Jassy has taken point announcing the documentary will not be removed from their platform, “As a retailer of content to hundreds of millions of customers with a lot of different viewpoints, we have to allow access to those viewpoints, even if they are objectionable — objectionable and they differ from our particular viewpoints.”

According to the author of Hebrews 2 Negros, the documentary uncovers the true identity of the Children of Israel as read in the synopsis. 

The question many are framing around the documentary asks is it an anti-semetic hate piece or a warning to blacks.

The scope of this matter impacts wider questions in today’s society. Who is the arbiter of what is good and bad in tech media? To what end are they responsible? Why do such matters rise to such importance now when they did not just a decade ago? Is talking about sensitive subjects equal to taking a stand for or against it? How do we have a rational debate and what would the standards be? For now, it appears top brass are making more than bold decisions, they are taking action.