Has COVID-19 Been Good Or Bad For Paintball?

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How Is Paintball 1 Year After COVID?

We reached out to long-time players, field owners, and industry professionals such as Dye Paintball. As other industries have adapted to COVID restrictions, so has paintball.

The surprise is paintball may be doing better as a result of COVID. How is it possible that paintball has benefited from a pandemic? The answer is in the double edge sword of restrictions.

Why You Should Use The Splayed Shooting Position in Woodsball Paintball

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Preface to Understand the Splayed Shooting Position

Beginner paintballers learn quick, paintball is a game of angles. It’s about exposure. And new paintballers do something established paintballers lose sight of, they see and exploit shooting at the smallest body part that is exposed while in cover.

Trees. The Best Cover In Woodsball

Most of us know that in woodsball, the bunkers we play from are not perfect shapes.

Can Paintball Survive the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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The Impact Coronavirus Is Having On Paintball in 2020

DM — Social distancing? Not in paintball! Paintball is a sport that draws large groups of people together. Paintballers from every category are taking a protective stance towards the game. As it concerns the coronavirus, we found paintballers are well informed. Here in mid-March 2020, a unified voice of Let the games go on exists everywhere. That could change. 

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball?

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball?

One of the first questions anyone who considers playing paintball for the first time will ask is “How much does paintball cost?” A first time or beginner paintballer should expect to pay an average of $60.00 on the day. It’s closer to $80.00 if you want the peace-of-mind you won’t run out of paint.

How do we arrive at these numbers to establish the cost of a

Do Paintballs Stain?

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Do Paintballs Stain Your Cloths?

Cotton over synthetics are at the most risk of staining. Paint pigment left to dry too long will stain. The stain is very faint. Like all fabrics, vinegar and a horse hair brush are you best solution.

What Is A Paintball?

Paintballs are round .68 caliber shells filled with a colored gel referred to as paint. In the early days of the sport

Why Paintballs Hurt

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Here Is Why Paintballs Hurt When They Hit You

Let’s get one thing straight. Paintballs don’t really hurt. But people ask. They ask what paintball pain feels like. People ask how much they hurt. They don’t feel comfortable, but the words, pain and hurt conjure thoughts of blood, cuts, going to the hospital and such.  Paintball hits don’t reach that level. Not in actual paintball. People wouldn’t play

Do Paintballs Hurt?

Do Paintballs

Yes, paintballs hurt. They sting. Unlike a bee sting, radiating pain lasts momentarily. Pain level is dictated by distance, protection and where you are shot. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of how a paintball hurts. 

Paintball's Don't Have To Hurt

Pain is relative. A paintball that hurts you just a little, may cause the next person a lot of pain. A standard to measure pain will help you avoid paintballs inflict pain. Get

Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player?

Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player?

(DL) — The game of paintball comes in many formats or game types. There are some skills every form requires of you. Skill assets add up in paintball. We all want to raise our ability to outplay our opponents. These Four stand out as skills essential to being a true threat on the field. As a rec ball and scenario player, …

How To Play Paintball For the First Time

This is how you Play Paintball for the First Time

The first time you play paintball, play the edge of the field to cut half the field out from being able to shoot you. Shadow an advanced player. Keep your gun up at all times to cut reaction time. Stay on your feet to cut time to flee. Trees are best as are any tall wide stand-up bunker that keeps you on your feet. Dress …

Paintball Run Through Explained

How To Perform An Effective Run Through In Paintball

A run through in paintball can take place in any of the three major formats, woodsball, speedball, and scenario. A paintball run-through is a common form of bunkering in speedball. It is move that requires a mental model of nerves of steel …or more realistically an expectation of being shot.

While it may be the most humiliating way to get bunkered, it’s the most …

Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

 (DL) —  Dye Paintball upgrades the bayonet style barrel cover with hex head wrench storage!  Hitting the streets the end of June 2019, Dye has created the Flex, a silicone barrel sock which stores not one, but two hex head allen keys, 1/8 and 3/16. Great for Dye paintball gun owners. It will sell for a friendly $14.95 msrp. Yes, you can get one through DangerMan’s Lair.

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