The Must Have Tipx Upgrade

The Must-Have Tipx Upgrade

(DL) I have finally found the must-have upgrade for your Tipx Paintball Pistol. Well, let’s start off with, I don’t ever use my Tipx. Period. I’d rather shoot anything off my wall and it just sits around. DangerMan reached out to me asking if I had said pistol and proceeded to send me an email confirming shipment of a receiver sleeve/front block for the Tipx. And in this package came …

The Scenario Paintball Guide of 2019

(DL) — If you play any scenario game in 2019, you need our latest woodsball scenario guide. I am a Scenario Player. There. I said it. I have finally acknowledged my problem and I’m going to make sure that after reading this Scenario Paintball Guide, you’ll join in my struggle.

What’s going on here? See the woodline? Thousands of assigned “German” team players are defending it like the shores of Normandy. The players in this

The Definitive Mechanical Paintball Guide 2019

The Definitive Mechanical Paintball Guide 2019

(DL) — Mechanical or Classic Paintball; once considered a decade ago lost in the woods on any given Rec Ball Sunday, has made its way back to being at the forefront of the sport. It’s even become so popular, it has inspired manufacturers to create new technology made solely for the mechanical movement.

With #MechStrong popular, it’s resulted in being branded on everything focused on mechanical ball, and it …