Pop! Pop! Ep. 44 – Spider-Man: Homesick! (Sony/Disney Fallout)

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Spider-Man: Homesick!? BUT WHERE’S HE GOING!?  We’ll get there, but first, it’s a HUGE news week so let’s just dive right in!

Lauren has finally caught up on The Boys but she’s not too sure how to feel about it! James Bond 25 has a title and boy oh boy is it very Bond-y. The Keanu-ssance has finally peaked with the massive announcement of The Matrix 4!  Disney’s version of Comic-Con: D23 is this weekend …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 43 – Which Fox Films Are Disney Scrapping?!

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First and foremost, before we talk about anything else related to this episode, we need to hammer home one thing: Avengers Endgame is out on DVD & Blu-Ray and our VERY OWN Taylor Salan has a pull quote on the FREAKING BOX!  So go out and buy it, please! And then for fun send us selfies with your copy! It would be dope to see the interaction! Now, before we talk about Which Fox films …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 42 – Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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Welcome back, nerds, to another episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! We know this posting consistency must be weird for you guys, but it’s okay, we’re going to get through this together.  And remember, if we just suddenly stop posting for a year, it’s not your fault and we still love each and every one of you.  But for now let’s focus on the good and talk about this week’s episode!

As we …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 41 – Comic-Con 2019 Recap!

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We know, we know, we know… We didn’t post an episode every night of the con. But, we have a good reason why, and it’s in this super-sized Comic-Con 2019 recap episode!  If you’ve never been to Comic-Con, there’s just SO much going on: offsite events, panels, more panels, so much shopping to do, FREE swag and did we mention panels!?  In this episode, we break down every single thing we saw (and some we …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 39 – Comic-Con 2019 Preview & Stranger Things 3

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THE GANG IS GOING TO COMIC-CON 2019!  Happy Comic-Con week everyone, 14 years in the can and it’s never any less exciting!  In this episode we break down the big draws coming to the infamous Hall H. Marvel is back for the first time in a few years, the goddamn Russo Brothers have their own Hall H panel (we’re hoping for some Star Wars news), The Walking Dead is back as always and Kevin Smith …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 37 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix & Black Mirror Season 5 Review

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What’s up nerds! I bet you’re surprised by this semi-regular schedule, aren’t you? This week on Pop! Pop! the guys have a really good laugh at the DCEU (but really, when don’t they?) because their new show Swamp Thing already got canceled and they’ve literally only aired the pilot.  Who are they, Firefly!? Too soon, I know. Looks like that DC streaming platform isn’t going to last very long… *crickets*.

The next best thing …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 35 – Avengers Endgame Review

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe started 11 years ago with a little film called Iron Man.  A risky play for Marvel, who’d previously sold the rights to their characters to other, much larger, studios. Factor in Robert Downey Jr, who hadn’t had the best track record as of late, and no one knew what was going to happen.  We know now though – the movie was a giant success and spawned Phase I  of the …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 34 – Captain Marvel Review

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This is an extra special episode for you, nerds! Two words: Captain Marvel.  But before we get to that, we’ve got a little nerd news for you! The next film in the X-Men franchise (loosely used here) is Dark Phoenix … again.  The first full trailer was released and if you know anything about the guys, they love to talk smack on bad X-Men movies.  There is a saving grace for Joel in this …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 32 – Glass Review

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Pop! Pop! is back! We definitely didn’t miss two weeks! And even if we did, it wasn’t two months, so you’re welcome!

The guys catch up and talk about what they’re currently watching – Joel is hard for You’re the Worst and Taylor is catching up on DC television… though he also watched the Mads Mikkelson movie talked about last episode – Polar… So that happened. And of course, the Super Bowl is coming …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 31 – Bird Box & Bad Times at the El Royale!

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It seems like the guys are back on a regular podcasting schedule, and you know what else comes in mid-January!? NFL playoffs! Despite being huge nerds, the football is highly regarded in the Pop! Pop! headquarters. So The LA Nerd and Taylor break down the playoff bracket and discuss which teams they think are going to make it to the big game!

As always, there’s nerd news aplenty! Real life Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen stars …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 30 – Bandersnatch & Into the Spider-Verse

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The last podcast before the new year! Huzzah! 2018 was one short year for the Pop! Pop! crew, but the LA Nerd and Taylor are here for your end of the year listening pleasure.

The guys dive into an end of the year trailer breakdown with some last minute movies sneaking their trailers in under the wire. Hellboy has been highly anticipated and highly secretive since it was announced; does the trailer meet expectations? Does …