Pop! Pop! Ep. 28 – Captain Marvel

It’s been a looong week, folks! But, the guys are back with another episode! On the docket for this week’s episode: 

  • Spider-Man PS4 & the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!
  • A fun discussion on why the fuck Once Upon a Deadpool exists.
  • Bumblebee is fast approaching and the guys are actually excited to see John Cena battle the Autobots!
  • Netflix scorned the whole entire world by canceling Daredevil, and the guys explore options for the

Pop! Pop! Ep. 27 – Disney/Fox Merger (Also we never left we’ve been here the whole time)

The guys are back in episode 27 of Pop! Pop! Podcast! But they’ve also been here the whole time, remember last week’s episode about Comic-Con 2016? That was great. This time around we’re talking about a monopoly — I mean Disney!  They’ve just approved the purchase of Twentieth Century Fox, and that means The X-Men & The Fantastic Four are back home at Marvel and that the original Star Wars trilogy distribution rights are …

Universal’s Dark Universe Coming Back?

Universal Studios might be bringing 1935’s Bride Of Frankenstein via reboot back to life, and that could lead into a potential re-start to Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’, according to Screen Rant.

Director Bill Condon’s Bride of Frankenstein is showing new signs of life, as the project assembles a production crew in order to begin filming sometime this year, with Javier Bardem likely taking the role of Frankenstein’s monster in the film, written by David Koepp.…

Shopping Tips for a Black Friday Success (& the Holiday Season!)

With the combination of stores opening earlier than ever this Friday and the current state of the economy (not to mention the rise of TV shows focused on super-savings like TLC’s Extreme Couponing), there are expected to be tons of deals and Black Friday shoppers out and about this year.

So, are you daring enough to brave the crowds, cold and near chaos this year for the great deals and must-have items on your loved …

First Images From ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Have Surfaced!

(PCM) There has been a ton of buzz regarding the return of iconic Disney character Mary Poppins to the big screen and we now have our first look at several images that were shared exclusively with Entertainment Weekly from the upcoming film “Mary Poppins Returns”.

The casting for the film was revealed several months ago and will include the talents of Emily Blunt in the leading role as iconic nanny Mary Poppins, as well as, …

Spend the Afternoon with ‘Wilson’ Screenwriter Daniel Clowes

(PCM) When Daniel Clowes was sitting at his father’s bedside as he was losing his battle with cancer, the graphic novelist and screenwriter he started drawing comic strips about the hospital.

The film, from Fox Searchlight Pictures, opened on Friday, March 24, to the delight of movie goers who were looking for something with more meat on its bones. This story, about a cantankerous middle-age eccentric man, with few filters, was directed by Craig Johnson, …

Destination Springfield: Celebrating Some Perfectly Cromulent Team Names

Destination Springfield: Celebrating Some Perfectly Cromulent Team Names

Among the things they do brilliantly, the writers for one Fox TV show have a knack for observing established protocols when giving name to their fictional sports teams. I was tempted to give them their own chapter in my otherwise way-too-serious book, Naming Rites: A Biographical History of North American Team Names. Instead, that content is here (in a structure that mirrors that of my book).…

A Dog That Does it All

If you have three minutes in your day, I’d suggest watching this to brighten it up. Or, it will make you feel very lazy to see a dog be able to clean an entire house while you don’t even make your bed.

I stumbled upon this video a few months ago, but it came across my lap (or laptop) once again. I don’t care what year, month, day it is – this little bugger is …

Kelly Marcel Tied to ’50 Shades of Grey’ Screenplay

50 Shades of Greyhas literally been the hottest topic of the year. E.L. James’ erotic novel reigned supreme on the bestseller lists for months and everyone in Hollywood can not stop talking about who will play the mysterious Christian Grey and the seemingly innocent Anastasia Steele.

While the coveted roles are still up for grabs, a writer has finally been hired to create the film adaptation. Kelly Marcel, the co-creator of the Terra Nova and …

Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Trick or Treat! Let’s talk more about the treats and less about the tricks. According to a Huffington Post article, they picked their favorite and not-so-favorite Halloween candies.

Although my mid-20s have focused on the costume part of this holiday, I grew up with Halloween being all about the candy. My brothers and I used to get the biggest bag we could find, in fear that a smaller size would not hold all of our …

David Blaine Gears Up for Next Electrifying Stunt

Stunt man David Blaine is back to is old tricks again, and his latest act has a shocking twist. The 39-year-old daredevil is planning on suiting up in a chainmail bodysuit that will provide a barrier between himself and a million volts of electric currents streamed by tesla coils.

Sounds like a scene straight out of The Prestige. Blaine will also be wearing a wire helmet a visor to shield his eyes, and hearing protection …