Fuller House Season 5, Episode 13: College Tours

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The episode opens with Jackson working on unfreezing Ramona’s laptop. She says if she cannot do it, neither could he.However, he fixes it, much to her surprise. She wonders how and he explains that he cleaned her browser history and did an update. 

He then teases her about what is on her computer. It turns out she is a secret Bachelor in Paradise fan and she says she can quit whenever she wants….but …

America’s Got Talent: Recap for 6/2/2020

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It is the second night of auditions for season fifteen of NBC’s America’s Got Talent and it promises to be quite an interesting season. Due to the COVID19 pandemic there were many changes, so I am curious to see where this goes in terms of auditions and live shows. Sofia Vergara joins the judges table, along with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, who is back after a short hiatus. 

Divas and …

Fuller House Season 5, Episode 12: Cold Turkey Recap

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The episode opens with  Stephanie cooking for Thanksgiving and talking to baby Danielle. DJ walks in and tells her to enjoy it now because when Danielle starts talking for real, she will never say what she wants and proceeds to talk for Cosmo. Steph argues that Cosmo has a different voice and does her own impression.

DJ offers to help, but Steph insists on doing it herself so that Danielle can have her …

Can You Hear Us Now? Airs Tonight on NBC Platforms

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Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET for Can You Hear Us Now? – a virtual discussion, presented by NBC News NOW and NBCBLK on race in America amidst the protests, riots and civil unrest across the country. The special will stream at 8 p.m. ET on NBC News NOW and Peacock and is also available on NBC LX on broadcast, cable and OTT platforms.

MSNBC correspondent and host of …

Season 5, Episode 11: Three Weddings and a Musical Recap

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The episode opens with Stephanie, Kimmy and DJ preparing for their first day of wedding planning. DJ breaks out the champagne glasses and Stephanie is excited because they are drinking in the morning. However, DJ pours coffee into the glasses instead. Steph thinks this is more on brand. 

Kimmy toasts to them and the planning experience, saying it may be the coffee talking, but she loves them. They sip their drinks and Steph …

Fuller House: S5: E10 If The Suit Fits

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The episode opens with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy talking about binging and how they want more. Ramona walks in and asks what they are talking about. They all answer with ice cream, because what else would they be talking about? Ramona then asks them about the triple wedding and the expo they plan on attending. 

The ladies cannot believe they are doing this and Kimmy asks if it wasn’t a dream, like the …

Food Network: June Schedule

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Food Network heats up June with new series and seasons, epic finales, and Father’s Day-themed episodes of fan-favorite shows. On Monday, June 1st at 9pm, camp director Martha Stewart and host Jesse Palmer close out Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart as counselors Carla Hall and Dan Langandecide which camper will walk away with a $25,000 dream kitchen and the title of Bakeaway Camp Champion! On Thursday, June 4th at 10pm,

Celebrity Spotlight: Tess Haubrich

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Tess Haubrich is on her way to becoming a household name. She has appeared in many shows and movies, including Wolverine, Wolf Creek and Home and Away. She captivates audiences with each performance, always leaving us wanting more. 

Now this superstar in the making is in a new series called Bad Mothers as Sarah, a wife and mom who seems to have it all together on the outside, but in reality, things are …

Hero Elementary to be Released on PBS Kids

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Science is powerful – and HERO ELEMENTARY, a new multiplatform animated PBS KIDS series, co-produced by Twin Cities PBS and Portfolio Entertainment, will help spark a love of science among kids nationwide when it premieres June 1, 2020 on PBS stations.

HERO ELEMENTARY is a school for budding superheroes, where kids learn to master their innate powers, like flying and teleportation, while exploring science along the way. The launching series will give …

Discovery Channel and Science Channel Share Space Shuttle Launch

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The Discovery Channel and the Science Channel shared the space shuttle launch this afternoon at Kennedy Space Center. Here is the video in case you missed it! (Video via NASA)

Space Launch Live: America Returns to Space was simulcast live on Discovery and Science Channel. It documented history at the NASA launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule, from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. The event marked the first crewed space …

Goodbye, Deutschland Star Will Say Goodbye, Single Life With Virtual Wedding

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As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the world around us, changed our daily lives, and introduced a “new norm,” we have been forced to accept an uncertain future. A tough reality for madly in love couples planning not only their Spring 2020 nuptials, but the rest of their lives together. Alongside many engaged couples, Lara Juliette Sanders and Samuel Mekonnen weighed their options as they rode a roller-coaster of emotions.

On Sunday, May 31, …