15 Must Haves In Your Essential Oil Collection

15 Must Haves In Your Essential Oil Collection

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have quite an essential oil collection. Whether you always have a stash on hand in your bag next to your crystals for any stress or ache, or if you’re relatively new and bought some lavender oil on the suggestion of a friend, there is no denying that scent is a powerful thing. Essential oils have been used for thousands …

Hatoful Boyfriend: A game of love and intrigue…with birds?

Hatoful Boyfriend Game Review

A game review of Hatoful Boyfriend, a visual novel game with pigeons.

(PCM) The most popular game on the Internet may not be Destiny – rather a visual novel called Hatoful Boyfriend. Unlike most Japanese visual novels, this one comes with a catch – all the boys you can date are intelligent birds.

Set in a post apocalyptic world, humans are now living on the outskirts of humanity while the dominant race is birds – …

Is Hello Kitty A Cat? Sanrio Doesn’t Know

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Hello Kitty is a cultural and marketing juggernaut on equal footing to icons such as Mickey Mouse and Count Chocula. Ok, maybe not that last one, but if you were a kid in the 90s you understood the significance of that sugar bomb in your Saturday morning cereal bowl. This year, everyone’s favorite pussycat is turning 40, and Sanrio is giving us a secret …