Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is the Series’ Best Yet

Stranger Things Season Four (Part 1) Review

Since its premiere in 2016 Stranger Things shocked and impressed audiences with its captivating world, engaging storytelling, and of course- 80s nostalgia. 

Now back for its fourth season, this (initially) small-budget indie Netflix show turned cultural phenomenon proves to be so much more than the show with scary flesh-eating monsters, and popular 80s songs. With the mixed perception of season 3, season 4 had a lot to deliver

Mary Siegel is Stunning in “Cirque du Soleil’s Crystal,” A Stunning Acrobatic Performance on Ice”

Mary Siegel has been with Cirque du Soleil’s highly-acclaimed show Crystal since the creation of the show in 2017, waited two years when it was dark during the pandemic, and came back to the tour the moment that she could.

Those who enjoy the spectacle, both on land and on the ice will adore Cirque du Soleil’s highly unique and imaginative production of Crystal.

Dubbed a “breakthrough ice experience,” the show had its first public …

Lightyear Imagines a Bland, Oversaturated Origin Story for One of Pixar’s Most Iconic Heroes.

Lightyear Review

TLDR: Bland

For its last three films, Pixar has focused on original concepts much to the delight of fans. Soul, Luca, and Turning Red all explored raw, human emotions through realistic and compelling characters that told stories about the growing pains we all face. 

Now, Pixar is diving back into nostalgic territory with Lightyear. According to the film’s creators, this film is supposedly the film that launched Toy Story’s Andy’s love

Tish Monaghan Talks Schmigadoon! and Her Love of Musical Theater

CAFTCAD award-winning costume designer Tish Monaghan has lent her creative talents to a number of films. From Twilight: New Moon to The Terror for which she won her CAFTCAD award, she’s expanded her horizons just beyond the fantasy and horror realm. After a long and eventful career, Tish was set to retire after the exhaustion of the pandemic but after receiving a call she soon joined AppleTV+’s musical comedy Schmigadoon! finally allowing her to work …

What’s Coming to Disney+ in July 2022

Disney Plus News and Releases for July 2022

Young Jedi Adventures Coming to Disney+ and Disney Junior 

The Star Wars franchise has been at the top of their game recently releasing a plethora of new content. From The hit Disney+ show Obi Wan Kenobi to the next season of The mandalorian recently wrapping filming, these iconic characters aren’t going anywhere even after the 9th film in the series concluded the Skywalker legacy. Now, Star Wars 

What’s Coming to Hulu in July 2022

What We Do in The Shadows Hyping up Season 4

From the multi-talented Jemaine Clement, What We Do in The Shadows has surprised audiences with its parody style humor, and mockumentary format. The show is based on the feature film of the same name also created by Clement and critically acclaimed director Taika Waititi. Following the lives of four vampires who’s lived together for centuries in Staten Island, each who’ve lived through and directly influenced …

What’s Coming to Amazon Prime Video in July 2022

Streaming Lists and News for Amazon Prime Video July 2022

The Power Has Lost More Crucial Cast Members 

Based on the feminist sci-fi novel of the same name, The Power has faced many production difficulties mostly due to the pandemic. In early 2020, before the start of the pandemic Leslie Mann(This Is 40) and Rainn Wilson(The Office) were cast in the leading roles. Wilson was the first to exit the project …

What’s Coming to Netflix in July 2022

Streaming Lists and News For Netflix July 2022

Tommy Chong is Reprising his Role in That 90s Show

With our ever-increasing obsession with nostalgia it was only a matter of time before nostalgic comedy That 70s Show received a spinoff. Fans were delighted to hear that they’d be traveling back to Wisconsin to revisit the old crew, but this time in the 90s. Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are returning to play Red and …

What’s Coming to HBOMax in July 2022

Streaming Lists and News for HBOMax July 2022

The Flight Attendant is Likely to Conclude After its Second Season 

Haley Cuoco’s newest comedy The Flight Attendant which first premiered on HBOMax in November of 2020 has most likely run its course on the platform. The Emmy-nominated show which features Cuoco as the lead role and executive producer hasn’t been officially canceled but Cuoco says that she’s looking to pursue other projects and it’s most likely …

Men Sends Important Messages- in the Most Disturbing Way Possible

Men Isn’t for Feminists, nor the Faint of Heart

The latest A24 horror film proves to be a standout but not in the way its creators most likely wanted it to be. 

The film is directed by Alex Garland known for experimental horror and psychological thriller films Annihilation and Ex Machina. Men is his latest attempt to convey ideas of grief, the cycle of abuse, and toxicity. Much like his previous films, Men stars the …

What’s Coming to AppleTV+ in July 2022

News and Streaming Lists for AppleTV+ July 2022

Speed Racer Series to be Developed by Bad Robot for AppleTV+

Many are familiar with the Nicktoons movie Speed Racer: The Next Generation but some aren’t aware of this action-packed story’s origins. AppleTV+, Bad Robot, and Warner Bros. Television are planning to reset audiences’ preconceptions regarding this franchise by working on a new Speed Racer live-action series for the streaming platform. Though the movie bombed in 2008, …

Allan Sidley Talks “Daddy Issues”, His Comedy Career, and the Importance of Laughter

Comedian Allan Sidley

Father’s Day is a touching holiday for some as family dynamics aren’t always warm and fuzzy. But comedian Allan Sidley is compartmentalizing and utilizing his sorrow and comic talents to revitalize a somber story into one that will bring people joy. With his father passing away when Sidley was only 9 months old, his determined mother made sure to nurture her son and his talents which quickly came out in his writing …