Blondie Marries Dagwood February 17, 1933

There have been many weddings both historical and fictional in the world of pop culture.  We can go back two thousand years to wedding that Jesus attended in Cana where he turned the water into wine.  We don’t know who the bride and groom were at that wedding, but we certainly know it took place.  Fast forward a few hundred years and we celebrate Arthur marrying his beloved Guinevere, move forward again and we have …

The Big List of Knock Knock Jokes For National Knock-Knock Day!

October 31st is well known as Halloween, but did you know it is also National Knock-Knock Day?

Knock, Knock…
Who’s there?
Robin who?
Robin you! Give me your wallet!
Knock Knock
Knock, Knock…
Who’s there?
Wanda who?
Wanda come and hang out with me?
Knock Knock
Knock, Knock…
Who’s there?
Control Freak
Ok, now you say ‘Control Freak’ who!
Knock Knock
Knock, Knock…
Who’s there?
Canoe who?
Canoe help me with

Have You Been Rickrolled? The Story Behind The Famous Internet Meme And Some Of The Best Clips!

(PCM) We are nearly certain that many, if not all, of you reading this have been “rickrolled” at one point in time, especially if you have spent any time at all on surfing the internet within the last ten years. So, what exactly does it mean to be “rickrolled”? Just how did this ridiculous internet meme begin? We will answer those questions below, as well as, share a few of our favorite “rickroll” clips from …

Parents Mistakenly Feed Their Children Dog Treats

(PCM) Parents who were shopping at the Pak n’ Save grocery store in New Zealand are freaking out because they mistakenly fed their children dog treats and are now blaming it on the packaging and store placement.

The parents, who were obviously in a hurry, ended up grabbing a box of Scooby Snacks, which are sausage flavored dog treats, without fully reading the box. The parents claim that the Scooby Snacks which are packaged in …

Fans More Entertained By Sign Language Interpreter Than Snoop Dogg

(PCM) Talk about stealing the show! The internet absolutely can’t get enough of a sassy sign language interpreter who was signing for hearing impaired fans during rapper Snoop Dogg’s performance at the New Orlean’s Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Seriously, this woman is awesome!

The woman’s name is Holly Maniatty and she did way more than just “drop it like it’s hot”!  She gave a performance that put everyone including Snoop Dogg himself to shame and …

Teen Knocks Em’ Dead With Unusual Prom Entrance

(PCM) Viral ‘promposal’ videos have become all the range these days with teens coming up with unique and clever ways to ask their crushes to be their dates for the prom. One New Jersey teen took things to an entirely new level by being delivered to her junior prom inside of coffin which was housed in a hearse. Talk about making an entrance! Megan Flaherty has been the talk of the town ever since, as …

Grandmas Get High and Play Cards Against Humanity, Hilarity Ensues

Marijuana(PCM) If you’re in the need for a good wholesome laugh to usher in the beginning of the end of the week, look no further than Cut’s video of three sweet grandmothers all smoking marijuana for the first time and hanging out.

Cut, a media/news/publishing outlet uploaded the video to their Youtube page, Cut Video, on Wednesday. Within hours the video went viral, gaining over 5 million views after being shared by various popular …

Price Is Right Contestant Becomes A Viral Dance Sensation!


(PCM) Price Is Right contestant Eliot managed to pull off a feat during his recent appearance on The Price Is Right that few have been able to accomplish.

While spinning the famous wheel, Eliot landed on the $1.00 space not only once, but twice earning him prize money in the amount of $25,000! However, surprisingly it was not Eliot’s incredible wheel spins that has caused him to go viral on the net, but rather his …

Weird Al Yankovic Wants You to Learn Your Grammar in “Word Crimes”

(PCM) The king of song parodies has struck again with his latest single “Word Crimes,” a parody of Robin Thicke’s 2013 summer anthem “Blurred Lines.”

Weird Al debuted “Word Crimes” yesterday as the second of eight videos that he is releasing over eight days in promotion for his newly released album Mandatory Fun, the musician’s fourteenth studio album.

“Word Crimes” parodies Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” song and video, which you’re probably already very familiar with …