5 Reasons You Should Add Acai To Your Smoothie

5 Reasons You Should Add Acai To Your Smoothie
Acai is more than a buzzword.
Here are  5 reasons why you should be getting on board with this hip fruit.

You’ve probably seen it on your Instagram feed – deep purple smoothie bowls covered in technicolor tropical fruits and juices touting “superfood” benefits. That deep purple is the luscious color of Acai. Adding this powerhouse from the Amazon to your daily smoothie is healthful too.…

The Story Of Caesar Salad And A Good Recipe Too!

(PCM) Seriously, who doesn’t love a good Caesar Salad every once and while? It is definitely one of the more healthy food choices and can be perfectly paired with chicken, or really any meat dish of your choosing. Others choose to simply enjoy Caesar salad as a main entree all it’s own, as it can definitely be quite filling.

The history of the Caesar Salad dates back to 1924 by chef Caesar Cardini in Tijuana, …

The Birth Of The TV Dinner Was Actually A Mistake!

(PCM) Surely nearly every one of us at one point or another hasn’t had the time or the energy to make a home-cooked dinner each and every night, so that is when the modern day TV Dinner comes in handy to save the day. We are sure you definitely have a few of these lurking throughout your freezer, just waiting to be consumed on a lazy night or for a quick and easy microwaveable meal.…

Official Avengers Recipes Just In Time For ‘Infinity War’ Release

(PCM) Powerful news for families fighting the good fight of nutrition in the home: Super Hero help is here.

Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow and other Avengers have teamed-up to help moms, dads and all citizens win more of their daily battles to adopt a healthier lifestyle including a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. The program continues through May 11 in celebration of the epic release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War on …

Popcornopolis Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn Is Our New Favorite Snack!

(PCM) What could be better than discovering a fantastic snack that is not only delicious but actually healthy as well! We hit the jackpot when we sampled Popcornopolis’s new Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn! We seriously couldn’t keep our hands out the bag!

The taste was incredibly reminiscent of those old school home popcorn makers that your mom or grandma used to have in the kitchen. You remember, the ones were you would pour the popcorn …

Happy Maple Syrup Day (December 17th)

maple syrup in glass bottle on wooden table

(PCM) Happy Maple Syrup Day! Did you most of the bottled brown breakfast syrup that you find on grocery store shelves is NOT maple syrup? Imitation syrup (usually labeled “table-syrup” or “maple-flavored syrup”, etc.) is made from high-fructose corn syrup or other artificial flavors and additives.

True maple syrup comes from the concentrated sap of the sugar maple tree (a North American native). It is graded by color, which can range from light amber (like …

Happy Chocolate-Covered Anything Day! (December 16)

Melted Chocolate Background

(PCM) The winter season is supposed to be about joy and reflection, but all too often it’s a time of stress. Are you behind on your holiday shopping? Are you juggling family drama or work worries? By December 16th the countdown towards Christmas and years’ end is well underway, and many of us feel like we’re racing against the clock. But now you can relax, because the calendar people and the candy people have come …

Grocery Shopping On This Day Of The Week Could Save You Big?

(PCM) Savvy shoppers are always looking for a way to save a few bucks,especially when it comes to grocery shopping. Did you know that you can save money by grocery shopping on a certain day of the week?

Well, it’s true!  Wednesday is the day to hit the grocery store as many stores release their new ads on that day and will also honor the previous weeks sale items on that day as well.  It …

Gingerbread Decorating Day 2nd Saturday in December

(PCM) Gingerbread!  The very thought of it brings to mind the scents of cinnamon, cloves, allspice and let’s not forget ginger.  Gingerbread is part of our culture.  We, of course use it as food, but it plays a part in stories such as The Ginger Bread Man and Hansel and Gretel.  We see it in art first as illustration for the stories mentioned above but also in art as part of Christmas Cards or paintings …

Cookie Exchange Tips


Snowflake shaped Gingerbread cookies stacked and tied with a red ribbon.

(PCM) Whoever invented the holiday cookie exchange was either a sadist or a genius – maybe both.

On the one hand, participating in a cookie exchange means you’ve got to stop and bake something (something pretty enough to share, no less) right in the middle of gift-shopping, house decorating, holiday concerting, family visiting, nervous breakdown-ing, and whatever else you’ve got on your chaotic December schedule.…

Why It’s Perfectly Safe To Sometimes Ignore That Sell-By Date


(PCM) Each and every year American’s will throw away an estimated $160 billion dollars worth of perfectly good food when they believe it is expired based upon the sell-by date printed on the container. There is a big difference between the sell-by date and/or expiration date printed on the packages and the actual time frame in which the food will go bad.

Many people often confuse the sell-by date to be the actual expiration date …

The Truth About Why Turkey Makes You Tired

(PCM) One of the top complaints from people after a big Thanksgiving celebration is how tired they feel after consuming such a large and hearty meal. Most people blame the sleepiness on everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving food choice… the turkey.

People believed that the amino acid tryptophan found in turkey was attributed to a tired or drowsy feeling. It was thought that the tryptophan which is converted to serotonin and then further broke down into melotonin …

Dishes, Sides, and Desserts to Avoid this Thanksgiving

The average person eats 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving!  If you’re trying to lose weight, or simply stay on track this holiday season, you’ll want to avoid the dishes with the most calories, fat and sugar. But remember – it’s all about moderation! You can have your favorites – even the offenders below – but the key is to indulge in small portions, and without all the fixings. Instead of eating …

The Delicious History Of Nachos

Nachos photo

Photo by Earls37a

(PCM) Who doesn’t love a large plate of nachos covered with melting cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream? Nachos have become one of our go to snack foods and it an incredibly popular appetizer at many restaurants and sports bars. They are one of the number one picks for a stadium snack, especially during sporting events.

Just what is it about nachos that make them just so darn irresistible?

Nachos were first …

Is The Twinkie Defense Actually A Real Thing?

Twinkie photo

Photo by JeepersMedia

(PCM) Over the years criminals have gotten away with some very serious crimes by using some rather odd defenses. Many have claimed mental illness, while others have used some more far out excuses such as the “Twinkie Defense”. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is definitely a real thing!

The “Twinkie Defense” first appeared in 1978 when Dan White was accused of killing Harvey Milk and George Moscone. The jury in the case …

Ever Wonder Where S’Mores Originated?

smores photo

Photo by smith_family

(PCM) Once the weather starts to get chilly we begin to think about warm and delicious treats that can satisfy our sweet tooth on those cold winter nights. The first treat to come to mind is a warm and gooey s’more. No bonfire or camping expedition is complete without someone breaking out the chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows to create a batch of s’mores. But, just where did s’mores come from …

Would You Like Fries With That? A Look At Some Of The Oddest Celebrity Food Endorsements

(PCM) Over the years celebrities have endorsed a multitude of various products, however when looking for the most popular our attention generally drifts towards food. Many celebs are quick to hop on the bandwagon and lend their name/likeness  to weight loss products such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, while others have had more signature food dishes created in their honor.

We have taken a look at many celebrity inspired food items and compiled a …

Is Slim Fast The Right Diet For You? A Look At The Pros And Cons

(PCM) Slim Fast is one of the oldest and most trusted diet programs on the market. The company initially began selling their meal replacement shakes back in 1977, however the FDA did hesitate a bit before allowing the company to move forward. It took about two years for the Slim Fast company to really gain their footing and it was not until 1979 that they really came on strong in the weight-loss department. Over the …

Green Gummy Bears Are Not The Flavor You Would Expect!

(PCM) In the year of 1967, Haribo introduced their Gold Gummy Bears, which were available in five colors each corresponding to a different flavor. However, it may be a bit surprising for you to learn that the green and red colored gummy bears do not exactly correspond to the flavor you might think!

The flavors include strawberry (green color), pineapple (white color), raspberry (red color), lemon (yellow color), and of course, maybe the only one …

Doctors Alarmed By New Trend Of Snorting Chocolate To Get High

(PCM) Doctors are warning people to stay far away from the new trend of snorting chocolate as a way to get high. The trend became very popular in Europe over the last few years and is now slowly making its’ way into the States.

There is a new “snorting” cacao powder on the market which promises consumers the same kick start as drinking an energy drink, while relaxing you at the same time. 29-year old …

KFC Has Launched A Chicken Sandwich Into Space!

(PCM) KFC is certainly showing their dedication and determination with marketing their new Chicken Zinger sandwich, as they have become one of the first fast food chains to launch a chicken sandwich into space. The sandwich is even housed in an appropriately bucket-shaped satellite! The company really pulled out all the stops with this campaign, but it is definitely garnering them some headlines just by the pure bizarre nature of it alone!

The KFC bucket …

One Of The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Varieties Is Created With A Rather Disgusting Ingredient

(PCM) If you are anything like us than you probably cannot get through a day without at least one or two cups of streaming hot coffee. We like it all different ways … hot, cold, frozen … doesn’t matter as along as we are consuming some caffeinated deliciousness, but as must as we love coffee, even we have to question whether or not we would dare to try a cup of the world’s most expensive …

Have You Ever Wanted To Smell Like A Mimosa All-Day Long? ‘Brunch-Scented’ Deodorants May Just Be For You!

(PCM) Adding to the ever-growing lists of products that exist, but are truly unnecessary are the new “brunch-scented” deodorants from a company called Native. Wait, you mean you don’t really want to smell like a mimosa or a glass of sangria all day long?

The company has recently launched their limited edition set of brunch themed deodorants and they are already selling out like crazy with a heft price tag of $30.00 for the …

Ever Wonder What That Drawer Under Your Oven Is Really For?

(PCM) We seriously feel like the biggest idiots in the world right now! If you are anything like us then you have most likely noticed that large pull out drawer located under your kitchen oven and of course proceeded to fill it up with all the large baking sheets and pans that will not fit anywhere else the kitchen. Hey, more storage, right?  Wrong! That drawer actually serves a much more useful purpose that we …

Parents Mistakenly Feed Their Children Dog Treats

(PCM) Parents who were shopping at the Pak n’ Save grocery store in New Zealand are freaking out because they mistakenly fed their children dog treats and are now blaming it on the packaging and store placement.

The parents, who were obviously in a hurry, ended up grabbing a box of Scooby Snacks, which are sausage flavored dog treats, without fully reading the box. The parents claim that the Scooby Snacks which are packaged in …

Bakery Creates Glow-in-the-Dark Donuts! The Perfect Late Night Snack!

Photo: Black Star Pastry

(PCM) An Australian bakery called Black Star Pastry has created the first glow-in-the-dark donuts, at least we have never seen anything quite like these before! And of course they have named them “glonuts” which is too perfect! When you first get a glimpse of these “glonuts” you may feel that they look like some kind of weird science experiment, however the folks at Black Star Pastry assure consumers that the donuts …

New York Bar Sets Up A Self-Service Beer ATM

(PCM) The Randolph Beer located in Brooklyn has come up with an ingenious way to save bartenders a lot to time and aggravation by installing a Beer ATM. The bar which is located in Williamburg, will now feature a wall showcasing a variety of craft beers that will be all self-service. Customers can pour their own beers from a tap whenever they choose.

If you were wondering just how this works, and trust us, it …

Would You Believe Some People Really Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows?

(PCM) As hard as it is to believe, a recent study sadly reveals that an alarming number of individuals still believe that chocolate milk comes from actual brown cows. Seriously! One thousand Americans were surveyed by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and the results were absolutely shocking, as they learned that 48% of the individuals survey literally had no idea where or how chocolate milk is created.

Could we really be suffering from that …

This Harry-Potter Themed Cocktails Contains An Ingredient That Could Kill You!

(PCM) A mixologist by the name of Romeo Palomares takes his bar tending skills and Harry Potter fandom to an all new level with his latest cocktail creation for Mexico City’s bar Luciferina. The new cocktail, which as been recently added to their menu, is called Aragog named after Hagrid’s pet spider from the Harry Potter franchise. The menu promises that those who order the drink are in for a unique experience, that is if …

Roommates Post Hilarious Craigslist Ad Searching For A Generic Father Figure For Father’s Day Cookout

(PCM) Sadly, Craigslist has deleted the hilarious posting from a group of roommates in Spokane, Washington who were in search of a generic father figure type to assist with their upcoming Father’s Day barbecue.  The roommates figured that since they could not have their own father’s around for Father’s Day, their next best option would be hiring one, with payment being in the form of food and beer, to step in and fill that fatherly …

Have We Really Been Pronouncing Reese’s Wrong All This Time?

(PCM) To finally settle the argument once and for all, the lovely individuals at Spoon University have let history speak the truth and revealed the correct pronunciation of Reese’s peanut butter cups!

So are you Team REES-EES or Team REES-IS? We were always a member of team REES-EES, however it looks as though we have been wrong all this time! We suppose it is like the whole tomato or potato debate, but it seems as …

Bar Somehow Thought It Was A Good Idea To Create A Drink Called The “Pill Cosby”

(PCM) A Washington, D.C. bar called Diet Starts Monday is facing a lot of internet backlash after someone came up with the brilliant idea to create an alcoholic drink called the “Pill Cosby” and it pretty much managed to offend just about everyone!

The “Pill Cosby” was a tequila-based drink that was … get this … actually garnished with fake floating pill capsules! Seriously! We have no clue who thought this was a good idea. …

Lattes Are Now Being Served In An Avocado, Because Why Not?

(PCM) We all know that avocado’s are the “it” thing these days and they are slowly becoming harder and harder to come by as they are growing more expensive, but people will still find new and creative ways to consume avocado’s, but we think perhaps an latte being served in an avocado really takes the cake.

Melbourne, Australia’s Truman Café is doing just that with their creation called the “avolatte” and it is basically just …

People Are Angered Over Company’s Fat-Shaming Meal Planners

(PCM) Everyone is in an uproar over the release of meal planners and food journals from a UK -based stationary company called Fox & Moon which feature messages that could easily be construed as fat-shaming and bullying. The company is calling these messages printed on the planners and journals “sassy”, but everyone else begs to differ.

Women haven enough issues with body image these days, so having meal planners and food journals that feature phrases …

P. Diddy Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations From Former Chef

(PCM) Rapper P. Diddy is being sued by his former personal chef Cindy Rueda on allegations of sexual harassment and having a hostile work environment. Rueda worked as Diddy’s personal chef from January 2015 to May of 2016 .

Rueda claims that during her time of employment with P. Diddy she was forced into many an uncomfortable positions. She says that her former boss demanded that she serve him “post-coital” snacks while he …

Skittles Releases An Incredibly Creepy Commercial In Time For Mother’s Day

(PCM) Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Skittles has released what is probably one of the creepiest commercials we have ever seen just in time to celebrate mom’s special day. Seriously, it is downright disturbing, but then again, Skittles has been known to take some weird risks when it comes to their advertising campaigns.

This commercial actually makes us feel less likely to purchase any Skittles as a Mother’s Day …

Cloud Eggs Are The Latest Food Trend And Are Surprisingly Easy To Make!

(PCM) Cloud Eggs, otherwise known as Eggs In A Cloud is the newest “it” food to take over our social media feeds, especially on Instagram, which can be a foodies paradise!

While the Cloud Eggs look like they would be fairly complicated to make, in reality they are really pretty simplistic. They are created by separating the egg yolk from the egg white and the egg white is then whipped, formed into a cloud shape …

New Girl Scout Cookie Flavors Have Been Revealed!

Girl-Scout-Cookies2(PCM) During an announcement made on “Good Morning America” it was revealed that there will be three new cookie flavors offered by the Girl Scouts organization and two are even gluten-free!

The new flavors offered in 2015 will include “Rah-Rah Raisins” which is an oatmeal cookie, “Trios” a gluten-free peanut butter oatmeal cookie and “Toffee-tastics” a gluten-free butter cookie with toffee pieces.

According to ABC News.com, the new cookie flavors will be sold on a …

Today Is National Maple Syrup Day! Grab Some Pancakes And Dig In!


(PCM) We are not really sure why National Maple Syrup Day happens to fall right smack in the middle of December or the origins as to why it exists in the first place, but somebody had to pay homage to ooey goodness that is warm maple syrup, so why not today!

The incredibly sweet and unique flavor of maple syrup was first discovered by the Native Americans who came up with a way to harvest …

General Mills Brings Back French Toast Crunch Cereal

(PCM) I don’t know about anyone else, but I am thrilled with the recent announcement from General Mills that they are bringing back the beloved French Toast Crunch Cereal.

French Toast Crunch has been on an eight year departure from store shelves and General Mills announced they were bringing the cereal back due to an unwavering demand by consumers.

Currently, French Toast Crunch is only available at a limited number of grocery stores nationwide, but …

Slice Of Cake From The Royal Wedding In 2011 Sells For $7,500


(PCM) Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, CA has just sold a slice of wedding cake from the 2011 royal wedding of Prince William and Dutchess Catherine for the whopping sum of $7,500!

In fact, the auction house claims they were only expecting to receive about $1,000 or $2,000 at most for the cake slice. The slice is a fruit cake, which according to CNNMoney was eight tiers tall and took the bakers five weeks to …

Sponsored Post: Get Fully Uploaded With Lunchables And Rob Dyrdek

Lunchables has recently teamed up with professional skateboarder, actor and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek for their Lunchables Fully Uploaded campaign.

Lunchables has always been the go to snack for busy people on the go with their delicious cracker, ham and cheese packets, but did you know that Lunchables now offers Lunchables Uploaded?  The Lunchables Uploaded meals packs include favorites such as deep-dish pizza, six-inch subs, chicken soft tacos, Pringles Snack Stack potato crisps, Fruit …

Yuck! Chinese Restaurant Caught Tenderizing Meat On The Sidewalk Outside


(PCM) A stomach turning discovery was recently made at a San Francisco Chinese restaurant called Lucky River. An employee of the restaurant was caught tenderizing frozen meat outside on a dirty sidewalk.

The question in everyone’s mind after thinking about how disgusting this was, is also just why anyone would be slamming the sidewalk with pounds of frozen meat. The San Francisco health inspector paid a visit to the restaurant and when asked about the …

Girl Scout Cookies Enter The Digital Age!


(PCM) For the very first time you will not be able to order Girl Scout Cookies online rather than waiting for door-to-door sales or that ever popular table or booth set up outside your local supermarket.

The 112-year old Girl Scout organization has recently revealed their Digital Cookie platform online and will begin taking sales on December 12th. The Girl Scout organization has always discouraged online sales in the past, as they did not want …

Anyone Else Offended By The New Weight Watchers Commercial?


(PCM) Last night during my viewing of The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, I caught a new commercial from Weight Watchers that left me a bit baffled. In fact, it wasn’t even until the end of the commercial that I realized that I was even viewing a commercial for Weight Watchers.

It was always my opinion that Weight Watchers was anti fat shaming, however the advertisement that I viewed truly seemed to promote the direct opposite. …

Pregnant Turkey Prank Hilarious Ends With A Girl In Tears

(PCM) The pregnant turkey prank has been a popular one on Thanksgiving for a good number of years, but this lady might just be the most gullible of them all.

To set up the prank the turkey is stuffed with a small cornish hen, so when scooping out the stuffing the prank victim discovers another smaller bird was cooked inside the larger turkey giving the illusion that the turkey was actually pregnant at the time …

Turkey Recall Circulating Social Media Turns Out To Be A Hoax


(PCM) We all know just how fast false information can spread, especially in the day and age of social media. Many people who are gearing up to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday received quite a scare when a “new report” began circulating online claiming that millions of frozen turkeys were being recalled.

The report claimed that the turkeys were being recalled because they contained a dangerous illness that could be transferred to humans and was not …

Teens Sarcastically Use Hash Tag #ThanksMichelleObama To Vent About Gross School Lunches

(PCM) Teens across the nation have sarcastically began using the hash tag #ThanksMichelleObama to vent their frustrations and utter disgust with the very gross and unappetizing “healthy” lunch options being offered in their schools.

Seriously, a lot of the food pictured in the images posted by the teens on social media looks like …

Have You Heard About The ‘Ramnut’?


(PCM) Don’t worry neither had we until we discovered this odd ball culinary creation by UCLA college student Joshua Scherer. Scherer took Instant Ramen, the poor college student’s meal of choice and crafted it into the “Ramnut”.

Yes, the “Ramnut” is a doughnut created by mixing Instant Ramen noodles with various other ingredients. Scherer says creating the “Ramnut” took six packs of ramen and about twelve hours to complete.

The ‘Ramnut’s’ are boiled in horchata …

Man Consumes Ninety Five Pasta Meals In A Six Week Time Period


(PCM) A man by the name of Alan Martin from North Carolina was one of the very few individuals who was lucky enough to get his hands on one of Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Passes back in September.

The restaurant chain was running a promotion which allowed individuals to purchase the Never Ending Pasta Pass for only $100. The promotion included all the pasta, salad, bread and Coca-Cola one could eat during a seven …

Starbucks Announces Plans For A Delivery Service


(PCM) Imagine having a hot coffee and yummy pastry delivered straight to your desk without ever having to leave this office. This vision could soon become a reality with the launch of Starbucks new delivery service.

While the company has not released very many details about the new service, they did say that they have plans to launch the new delivery service in certain target market by the end of next year.

Starbucks also said …

Starbucks Unleashes A Creeptacular New Drink For Halloween!


(PCM) Coffee giant Starbucks have just recently unveiled their creepy new drink for Halloween fittingly called the Franken Frappucino.

Despite its’ creepy name the drink actually sounds like it will be quite delicious. It is green in color (of course) and made up of a green-tea based drink created using peppermint syrup, white chocolate sauce, java chips and finally topped off with whipped cream and mocha drizzle.

Starbucks also happens to be offering a scary …

Speed Order Taco Bell With The Fast Food Chain’s New App!


(PCM) Taco Bell has revealed their new smartphone/tablet app that will make ordering food a snap.

Hungry customers will now be able to place their order through the app, pay for it and then drive to their nearest Taco Bell restaurant and it can be picked up via walk-in or drive-thru.

Taco Bell is now the very first fast-food chain to offer an app that will allow customers the ability to not only order and …

Would You Pay Over $1,500 For A Burger?


(PCM) London restaurant, Honky Tonk, is now offering quite the extravagant burger with a hefty price tag that equals out to be exactly $1,768! Called “The Glambuger” it features lobster, beluga caviar, venison, a duck egg and is coated in edible gold leaf.

The burger was created by the restaurants head chef Chris Large in celebration of the restaurant’s five millionth food and drink voucher sold on deal-finder app Groupon.

Despite it’s outrageous price tag, …

Salted Caramel Doughnut

From: Schnackenberg’s Doughnuts in Hoboken, NJ Salted… Caramel… Doughnut… it gets better with each word. Schnackenberg’s is a vintage luncheonette that’s been serving Hoboken since 1931.  The decor in this place is adorable, so Back to the Future-esque. They serve up egg creams, milkshakes, chocolate, awesome tuna fish sandwiches, other basic lunch items, and fresh-made […]

The post Salted Caramel Doughnut also appeared on PCM Lifestyle.…

Soda Manufacturers Reveal A Pledge To Cut Calories By 20 Percent


(PCM) Major soda manufacturers Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi have recently revealed a pledge to cut down calories in their famous drinks.

One of the major reasons that health conscious people stay away from a variety of carbonated beverages is due to their incredibly high calorie count.

Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo Inc, and Dr.Pepper Snapple Group Inc. have pledged to consumers that they will cut the calorie count in their beverages by 20 percent by the …

Chinese Noodle Vendor Laces His Famous Noodles With Drugs


(PCM) A noodle vendor in China was recently apprehended and charged with knowingly serving drug-laced noodles to his customers.The man admitted to using powdered poppy plant to season his dishes and the idea was to keep his customers coming back for more.

The vendor purchased about 2kg of the powdered poppy plant back in August for the price of about one hundred dollars. He added the substances to his noodles to make them taste better …

Nationwide Recall On M&M’s


(PCM) There has been a nationwide recall issued on all theater-sized boxed of M&M’s candies. The recall, issued by Mars, Inc. claims that the 3.4 oz boxed that are labeled as milk chocolate original M&M’s may contain a bag with peanut butter M&M’s instead.

The snafu was brought to the attention of Mars Inc. after a customer contacted the company to let them know that a M&M’s brand Milk Chocolate theater box contained at M&M’s …

L.A. Pizza Shop Cooks Up Marijuana-Infusion Pizza Pies


(PCM) A new Los Angeles start-up appropriately called “Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas” is currently offering new marijuana-infused pizzas.

For the price of ten dollars for a personal-sized pie, the pizza shop bakes medical marijuana directly into your pie of choice. Rest assured, however the company is not breaking any California state or national laws.

According to the L.A. Times, each six-inch pizza contains 250 mg of ethanol-extracted tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC concentrate. THC is …

A Man In Texas Pays It Forward For Customers At A Chick-fil-A


(PCM) It truly makes us overjoyed to be able to report on so many of these pay it forward stories that are popping up lately. It truly shows that even if we doubt it sometimes there is still some kindness left in our world.

Recently, a Texas man referred to as “John” took the pay it forward model to a new level when he purchased meals for 88 people at a Chick-fil-A in Abilene this …

Coca Cola Has Finally Brought Back Surge!


(PCM) Finally succumbing to internet demand, Coca-Cola has finally brought back the caffeine-fueled citrus soda of the 90’s “Surge”! If you grew up as part of that generation than most surely know what “Surge” is all about and just way consumers would be begging for its’ re”surge”nce!

The soda is now brought back into production and being sold exclusively through Amazon.com. Orders came flying in almost immediately and the first batch of “Surge” on …

Burger King Unleashes The Most Metal Burger In The World!


(PCM) At least that is first thing that comes to mind when hearing about the news that Burger King is releasing an all black burger. It features a black bun, black pepper meat patty and black cheese, however it will only be available in Japan.

The burger is named the Kuro Burger and if you are curious about just how they managed to make the all black burger edible, we learned that both the bun …

Ever Wonder Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong?


(PCM) We have all been through it before. You order up your favorite tasty beverage at Starbucks and give them your name for pick-up only to find out the spelling has been been completely butchered. Sometimes it is even the simplest of names such as Mike or Mary for example.

Well, guess what? The Starbucks baristas are messing with you, at least according to comedian Paul Gale who has created a hilarious parody video explaining …

Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are On The Way


(PCM) The pumpkin spice trend is everywhere so it is only natural that Nabisco would jump in on the craze by debuting pumpkin spice Oreo cookies that will be available for a limited time.

The new pumpkin spice Oreo cookies will be available in-stores starting on September 24th and those who have had the opportunity to sample claims that they “smell like a candle” but the taste is not as overpowering as one would think!…

Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy Dies At Age 93


(PCM) The founder of the Chick-fil-A empire, S. Truett Cathy, has passed away quietly surrounded by his loved ones at the age of 93.

Cathy is credited with founding “The Original Chicken Sandwich”, perfecting his famous recipe in 1960. The simple, yet delicious recipe features a buttered bun, boneless chicken breast and dill pickle chips which he named “Chick-fil-A”.

Fast forward about fifty years and the Chick-fil-A empire has grown enormously. There are currently over …

Sponsored Post: The Bosch #LoveMyFridge Giveaway

I think a refrigerator is probably one of the most underrated household appliances! Seriously, think about how many times a day you open and close its’ doors. It is used so many times in our daily lives that we often times forget to show it the true love and respect it deserves.

It is one of those appliances that is always there just ready and waiting to serve. Standing regally in the corner, keeping our …

Kraft Issues A Recall On Kraft American Singles Cheese


(PCM) It has just been announced that Kraft is issuing a wide-spread recall on packages of their Kraft American Singles cheese. While the recall is voluntary, Kraft Food Group believes that close to 7,000 cases of cheese could be affected.

The recall stems from the fact that one of the company’s suppliers had out of standard storage temperatures for one of its’ ingredients.

There are four different variations of the Kraft American Singles are part …

New Delicious Pastry Creation: The Pretzel Lobster Tail


(PCM) From the very same creator that brought the world the glorious pastry invention known as the cronut, Chef Dominique Ansel has now debuted the pretzel lobster tail.

Ansel claims that he was inspired to create the pretzel lobster tail when thinking about summer and despite it’s name and shape, the new pastry contains no actual seafood.

The pretzel lobster tail is made up of soft pretzel and then stuffed with homemade peanut butter and …

Sponsored Post: A Visit To #ChocolateHeaven With Roger Federer And Lindsey Vonn


It is always refreshing to learn about sports figures who are always up for new challenges. It has recently been revealed by Swiss chocolate brand Lindt, that tennis champ Roger Federer and ski champ Lindsey Vonn were up to a little secret challenge of their own.

Back in October of 2013, Federer, who is a very active social media user, posted to his Twitter account asking for an athlete to compete against him in …

Your Face On Toast For Breakfast?


(PCM) Talk about a breakfast of champions…well…at least some people might think so!  A Vermont company has created the first “selfie” toaster, so now you can enjoy chowing down on your face (or someone else’s) for breakfast in the morning.

Burnt Impressions (gotta love the name) is selling the “selfie” toaster for $75, which may be a little on the expensive side for some, but how can you put a price tag your own likeness …

National Ice Cream Day Is On July 20th


(PCM) I scream, you scream, we all scream for….National Ice Cream Day is on July 20th! In fact, the entire month of July is known by some as Ice Cream month. What better way to celebrate than with some fun facts about our favorite cold and delicious treat!

According to Yahoo! the top five ice cream flavors are:
1. Strawberry
2. Banana
3. Chocolate
4 Coconut Milk
5. Peach

The top five cities that love …