Happy National Sangria Day! (December 20th)

(PCM) December 20th is National Sangria Day. We’re not really sure why, other than “because the internet says so,” but hey – if you’ve made it this far into December, then cheers! Who needs a better reason to celebrate?

Sangria (from the Spanish word for blood. Yum?) is a deep red cocktail or wine punch that includes a mixture of wine (usually an inexpensive red), fruit, sweeteners, other alcohol such as brandy or liqueurs, and …

November Is Peanut Butter Lover’s Month

(PCM) If you were stranded on a desert island and could have a lifetime supply of only one kind of food, what would you choose? If you said peanut butter, then have we got something exciting for you!

No, it’s not a one-way ticket to the Caribbean; it’s better: an entire month dedicated to celebrating peanut butter (and peanut butter lovers like you).

Peanut Butter Lovers Month started as Peanut Butter Lovers Day on November …

September is National Milkshake Month!

September is National Milkshake Month!

~ Milkshake Trivia & History ~

The basic ingredients for a milkshake include milk, ice cream, and flavoring. Bandleader Fred Waring financed the invention by Frederick Jacob Osius, and later marketed the Miracle Mixer and Waring Blendor (note the spelling) in 1937, making milkshakes available in many homes, in addition to medical research. They sold for under $30.

Hamilton Beach made the blender of choice for most professional food establishments …

Tips on How to Pair Wine with Herbs

What Wine Should You Pair With Herbs?

Pairing wine with food has always been simple — red wine with red meat, white wine with lean meat. But, what if you stray from the norm? By pairing wine with the herbs you put in your food, you’re creating a whole new sensation of flavors to your meals. This technique is as easy as pairing herbs with foods and just as fun.

Now is your chance to

The Baby Eating Statue of Bern


(aMyth) Completed in 1546, the “Kindlifresserbrunnen” is a fountain in Bern, Switzerland. Translated, the name means “Fountain of the Eater of Little Children”. For nearly 500 years the fountain has been a reminder for the children of Bern to behave, in particular around Switzerland’s Fastnacht, or ”Night of Fasting” festival, during the week after ash Wednesday. One is his mouth, one tied to his belt, and more to be consumed in a bag by …

The Benefits Of Traveling: Why You Should Travel More In 2021

You Should Travel More In 2021

Have you ever thought about traveling? I know you are wondering whether it is essential to tour the world or save the expenses for another course. Everybody has their choice of priorities, and each is governed by a goal they want to achieve. People who travel do not do so because they have excess money. If you asked, everybody would tell you that they have never had enough or

Ever Wonder Who Created The Infamous McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ Jingle? We Would Have Never Guessed!


(PCM) For many years it has been speculated with pop superstar Justin Timberlake was the artist behind the infamous and delightfully catchy McDonald’s advertising jingle “I’m Lovin’ It”, after all he is the one who sings that delicious ear worm. read more

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