Colombian Woman Swallows $7,000 During Fight With Husband

(PCM) Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! A Colombian woman is said to have swallowed $7,000 U.S. dollars during a recent fight with her husband. The woman claims that she was attempting to hide the money from her husband so she decided to eat 57 rolls of $100 dollar bills. She revealed that she had saved the money over time to surprise her husband with a holiday getaway and obtained it by …

Virginia Residents Try To Unravel The Partially Shaven Cat Mystery

(PCM) Residents in the area of Waynesboro, Virginia are baffled by the mystery person who is allegedly abducting neighborhood cats and then returning them partially shaved. The odd behavior has prompted several calls to the local authorities and prompted residents to begin posting notices around the neighborhood.

The police department has confirmed that there has been at least three case where a resident’s pet cat has been abducted and then returned with their undersides shaved …

The Fyre Music Festival Goes Up In Flames! Promoters Scramble To Fix Epic Disaster!

(PCM) The Fyre Music Festival was touted as being a luxury music festival that was taking place on an island in the Bahamas curated by rapper Ja Rule. The festival was heavily promoted on social media and ticket prices ranged from $4,000 to $12,000. The promoters promised fans luxury accommodations, food options and appearances by Bella Hadid and rockers Blink 182 on the Bahamian island that was rumored to have once been owned by Pablo …

XBox & PlayStation Networks DDOS’d Again After Christmas

(PMC) On Christmas Day a pre-announced DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack was set upon both Microsoft’s Xbox Live Network and Sony’s PSN. No one took it serious. Then it happened. Both gaming networks were down for over 5 hours. As gamers looked into the real reason why, Lizard Squad – a network of hackers from around the world became a better known name.

While other white hat hacker groups such as “Finest Squad” (see …

Sony Hackers Release More Threats That Reference 9/11 Attacks And Theater Violence

(PCM) The group of individuals who call themselves “The Guardians Of Peace” who claimed responsibility for the massive Sony hack, have released a new warning which references the 9/11 terrorist attacks and upcoming violence in movie theaters.

A message from the group was posted on Pastebin which read “”We have already promised a Christmas gift to you. This is the beginning of the gift.” The posting also contained the following warning:

We will clearly show

Rolling Stone Issues An Apology For Failing To Fact Check UVA Rape Story

(PCM) Rolling Stone magazine recently ran a controversial story in regards to the alleged gang rape that took place at the University of Virginia. In the story which was published on November 19th “Jackie” and unidentified UVA student claimed that she was gang raped at a party held by the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house on campus back in 2012.

In the story, “Jackie” shared gruesome and shocking details about the attack and claims that …

Five Brand New Sony Pictures Films Are Leaked Online

(PCM) We are sure that Sony is scrambling to find out whoever was behind the recent leak where five of the studios brand-new, unreleased films were uploaded online and have already been downloaded millions of times.

Thus far all that is known is that cyber pirates hacked into Sony Entertainment and shared at least five new films, all of which are water-marked by the studio and uploaded them to various filing sharing websites.

A spokesperson …

Uber’s Use Of Their ‘God View’ Tool Leads To An Investigation

(PCM) An executive at the popular ride sharing company Uber is currently under investigation after he used the company’s ‘God View’ tool to track the movements of a journalist who was on her way to meet him.

Johana Bhuiyan, a journalist for Buzzfeed, claims that her movements and activity were tracked without her permission and she along with several others are now looking for answers.

Bhuiyan claims that when she arrived at Uber’s Long Island …

Journalist Suing “American Hustle” Producers For Defamation And More

(PCM) We are sure by now that many, if not all, of you have seen the award-winning film “American Hustle” and of course may recall the microwave scene that take place between actress Jennifer Lawrence and actor Bradley Cooper in the kitchen.

Well, it appears that brief scene has the potential to cost the studio some big bucks due to a recent lawsuit filed by a journalist whose name was referenced in the scene talking …

Man Robs Four Subway Restaurants Over Failed “Jared Diet”

(PCM) A young man by the name of Zachary Rapheal Torrance was arrested in an Alabama Walmart after it was discovered that he was behind the armed robberies that occurred at four different Subway restaurant locations.

When Torrance was arrested and brought in for questioning he admitted to the robberies and told officers that he was angry because he had tried Subway’s famous “Jared Diet” and it didn’t work for him, so he in turn …

Man Mistakenly Texts Probation Officer Looking For Weed

(PCM) A Georgia man has landed himself back in jail again after his mistakenly sent a text message to his probation officer looking for weed.

Alvin Cross Jr. admits that he was under the impression that he was texting his drug dealer when he sent a message that stated “You have some weed?”. It was only after he hit send and it was too late did he realize that the text had been sent out …

Delaware Man Files A Lawsuit Over Pink Panties

(PCM) Seems that PCM’s home state of Delaware is good for making some oddball headlines. A Dover man has recently filed a lawsuit stemming from an incident that took place back in 2012 during which he awoke from a surgical procedure to find himself wearing a pair of women’s pink panties.

The man was undergoing a colonoscopy at Delaware Surgery Center in the city of Dover, he also happened to work there at the time …