21 Home Maintenance Checklist Items for Springtime

Your home is a huge component of both your emotional and financial well-being. While maintaining it can take a lot of ongoing work, money, and time, doing so will prevent major headaches down the road.

Like a machine, a home operates in conjunction with the seasons. Fall might require more leaf raking while winter needs a solid flow of insulation. However, the springtime has its own set of maintenance guidelines. Whether hiring experts in remodeling

Understanding Family Relationship Terminology

It’s a blessing when families grow. Generations are built, traditions are started, and lineages continue on. It brings more birthdays and family photos need to be captured zoomed out. While changes are occurring, it can sometimes be confusing to keep track of the family tree and how everyone is connected.

Below is a quick-hit list of what the correct terminology is for each member of your extended family all of the way up the great-grandparents’ …

How to Get Your Stubborn Loved Ones to Try Sushi

For many, the idea of eating raw fish is really disgusting. It can be hard to convince others to move out of the comfort zone and give it the good ole’ college try. They want to stick to their classic burgers and pasta, and seafood in particular might not be for them… yet.

While sushi can be an acquired taste, it is well worth introducing it to others. After all, plenty of places have all-you-can-eat …

4 Preventative Breast Cancer Conversations Young Women Should Have

According to research by Susan G. Komen, the median age of diagnosis of breast cancer for women in the U.S. is 62 years old. This is why many young women don’t think of this disease as something that they have to worry about until they are older.

However, there are numerous conversations you can start with your gynecologist now about how to catch breast cancer early including:

How to do self-exams and what abnormalities to

6 Major Myths About Community Colleges

Most high school students have big dreams of life post-graduation when they will transition to college. They look forward to moving away from home, gaining independence, meeting new people, and exploring various academic and social opportunities. If you just browse YouTube and you will find thousands of videos of anxious teenagers excitedly opening their acceptance letters with proud friends and family joining in on the celebration.

Community college tends to be a last choice over …

Get a Loan with the 5 C’s of Credit

Ever wonder how banks determine what small businesses get approved for a loan? Surprisingly enough it comes down to a basic set of criteria that have been utilized in the banking industry for decades. They are called the 5 C’s of Credit.

While it isn’t all an exact science, these five components do hold weight on decision making, so bear this in mind when trying to put your best foot forward.

1. Character is important …

What is The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), administers all federal laws that regulate the securities industry. Fancy words for, they police the investment world and make sure no one’s doing any shady business.

A security is another word for—stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and many other types of intangible investments. If you buy gold bars (a tangible asset), that’s not a security, but if you buy stock in a precious metal fund (intangible), that’s a security. Many …

Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody Debuts New Health And Wellness Company ‘Moody’s Medicinals’

Moody’s Medicinals specializing in both cannabidiol (“CBD”) and non-CBD health and wellness products launched its first trailblazing line of high-quality products in June 2019. Today, they announced that a new range of sugar-free AM and PM shots, as well as a new personal CBD diffuser pen that can be enjoyed in three new formulas are now available online at www.moodysmedicinals.com. The new products will also be available in-person at an exclusive launch event in 

4 Types of Halloween Costumes You Should NEVER Wear

Halloween is the best time of year for imitation. You can be anything you want from an elephant, to an astronaut, to a toothbrush, the sky’s the limit! Or it is? As far as societal norms go, there are always a few exceptions to everything and Halloween costumes are no different. Here is are examples of ensembles that will automatically put you right on Santa’s naughty list come Christmas a few months later. 

1. Costumes

How Using Medical Marijuana to Treat My Chronic Pain Totally Changed My Life

One Patient’s Story: “How Using Medical Marijuana to Treat My Chronic Pain Totally Changed My Life”
For nearly a dozen years, Debbie Armstrong was taking large prescribed doses of opioids to deal with severe chronic back pain, but she hated the way she felt physically and emotionally and was worried about becoming addicted.
While looking for a different path for pain management she met Barry Greenberg and discovered his The Greener Institute in Hatboro

Philadelphia’s Autism Cares Foundation Gears Up for Race for Resources

Philadelphia’s Autism Cares Foundation Gears Up for Race for Resources
Every Wednesday, when 13-year-old Jack Albeser tosses around a weighted ball in a local gym, he gets way more than just a usual workout at the Fit-n-Focus program hosted by the nonprofit Autism Cares Foundation.
The 8th grader feels invigorated, connected to a tight-knit community, and is making new friends. It all adds up to a life-changing opportunity for him and his family.

Wills vs Trusts Which Do You Need?

What Are Wills and Trusts and Which Do You Need?

Everyone has heard the terms “wills” and “trusts,” but not everyone knows the differences between the two. Both are useful when planning your estate (such as for elder members of your family) that serve different purposes, and both can work together to create a complete plan.

The main difference between a will and a trust is that a will only goes into effect …