Five Fave: Bond Songs

This week, the 25th official James Bond film, No Time To Die, was set to be released in movie theaters worldwide. The fifth and final chapter featuring Daniel Craig as 007, is highly anticipated, as many consider Craig to be the ultimate Bond (#2 at worst) and his feature run has been the most consistently excellent in the 5 decades of the franchise. While we wait, let’s listen to the amazing theme songs …

Five Fave: Fun Things To Do With Disney+ In Quarantine

So you’ve got at least another month to self quarantine. Now is the perfect time to catch up on your binge watching. Disney+ is the newest streaming service, so why not have some fun exploring what is has to offer. Here are our Five Fave Fun Things To Do With Disney+ In Quarantine:

5. See how many movies you can find where the main character’s parents die early in the movie, or are already …

Release Date For ‘Black Widow’ Pushed Back Indefinitely

In a statement, we have learned that the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Marvel film “Black Widow” will be pushed back indefinitely!

In light of new CDC guidelines calling for eliminating larger public gatherings for eight weeks in response to COVID-19 and the temporary closure of a number of cinemas, the theatrical debut of Black Widow (5/1) will be rescheduled to a future potential date to be determined.

We will keep everyone up to …

Sweden’s H.E.A.T Brings Back Glam with “H.E.A.T II” Album

H.E.A.T ©2020 Johnnie Crow Photos

I recently discovered the Swedish rock band H.E.A.T on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise, which primarily features the biggest glam metal acts of the 1980’s. This newer band has that retro sound and attitude and was a perfect fit. Their latest album “H.E.A.T II” is an incredible achievement, reminiscent of Dokken, Asia, Survivor and pre-Slippery Bon Jovi. If Sylvester Stallone had made Rocky V in 1989, this album could have …

First Look At Robert Pattinson As Batman

A brief video has popped up on Vimeo under the account of director Matt Reeves that gives us our first glimpse of actor Robert Pattinson as Batman. The upcoming film will not be released until June of 2021, however, fans have been eager to see just what Pattinson will look like donning the infamous bat suit.

The upcoming film will mark the tenth film dedicated to everyone’s favorite Dark Knight and will be titled “The …

Dear David S. Goyer Where Is The Hellraiser Script ?

Storytelling is a very compelling art form. The way a story is told on screen is called a screenplay, and one man has had much success with his screenplay’s. David S. Goyer has had much success in Hollywood and is a go too for a blockbuster.

Goyer had much success with the Dark Knight films alongside Christopher Nolan. His latest film to hit theaters was Terminator: Dark Fate which was released last year to mixed …

Five Fave: Moments Of 2020 Golden Globes

The 2020 Golden Globes awards were handed out in Hollywood tonight for the best work in television and movies for the past year. The night was full of emotion, with humor, appreciation and empathy evident throughout the show. There were many wonderful speeches, particularly when nearly half of the recipients seemed genuinely shocked to have won over their more famous fellow nominees. Tom Hanks was choked up while thanking his wife and 5 children for …

New Poster And Trailer For Gretel And Hansel Released

It’s a new year which means new horror movies are on the horizon. One of the scary movies opening this winter is Gretal and Hansel which will be a dark look into the classic Grim fairy tale.

The synopsis for Gretal And Hanel is as follows, A long time ago in a distant fairytale countryside, a young girl leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to …

One Of The Worst Hollywood Ideas Of The Year. Pitting Cats Against Star Wars

It takes a team of dedicated people to make a feature film. If you don’t believe me just watch the ending credits of any film that has come out in the last sixty to seventy years. It takes a lot of hard work and time to tell a tale in ninety minutes, and it can take one or two executives to turn it into a flop.

A case in point is the decision to open …

Twiztid Release “Astronomicon The Making Of: A Pop Culture Convention” on Amazon Prime

Go Behind the Scenes of Astronomicon in “Astronomicon The Making Of: A Pop Culture Convention,” Now Available via Amazon Prime
Astronomicon 3 Takes Place February 7-9, 2020 in Sterling Heights, MI
The minds behind Astronomicon, the Detroit area’s newest pop culture convention, have revealed a new documentary, entitled Astronomicon The Making Of: A Pop Culture Convention, available now via Amazon Prime.
Astronomicon The Making Of: A Pop Culture Convention takes

Spoiler Free Movie Review: Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker completes the trilogy of trilogies, as the 9th and final chapter of the Skywalker saga, which began in 1977 when George Lucas introduced the world to Jedis, stormtroopers, droids and the Force. Writer/Director J.J. Abrams returns after creating the well-received Episode 7, continuing the narrative begun there as the next generation of Skywalkers and Solos continued the battle of the light side vs. the dark side of the Force. …

The Official Trailer For Ghostbuster’s Afterlife Has Arrived


Last week the world got a taste of what’s to come with the release of a teaser trailer for Ghostbuster’s Afterlife. You can check out that out here.

Earlier today the official trailer for the movie was released. Fans of the films from the ’80s should be over-joyed after watching the trailer because we get a new original story with sprinkles of the past. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her …