Pop! Pop! Ep. 74 – The Falcon & the Winter Soldier 1 & 2 Review

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Wandavision finished TWO whole weeks ago and we’ve been famished ever since… but alas, Falcon & the Winter Soldier is here to save the day.  The next installment of the MCU Phase 4 is here and we break it down.  BUT! Not before we talk about the new Suicide Squad trailer AND about how Joel actually watched… THE SNYDER CUT! DUN DUN DUN!

Soleil Moon Frye Delivers Nostalgia And Sadness With Kid 90

Soleil Moon Frye has been a staple on our television screens for the last thirty years plus years.  The young actress would steal American hearts as Punky Brewster, which aired on NBC from 1984 to 1986. The show would spawn a cartoon called It’s Punky Brewster and aired right around the same time as Punky Brewster stardom.

You might ask yourself or your friends, whatever happened to that girl that played Punky Brewster? Well, Punky …

Three of the Best Movies About Basketball

The Best Movies About Basketball 

The massive popularity of basketball means that millions of us are always looking for new ways to enjoy the sport by watching it or reading about it. Thankfully, there are lots of movies about basketball that you can enjoy while learning more about the game and the people who play it.

Coach Carter – 2005

This is a film based on the true story of Ken Carter, who was the

Swallow Film Review: Visually Stunning And Incredibly Jarring

We have to say kudos to writer/director Carlo Mirabella-Davis on his first narrative feature film “Swallow” which paints a terrifying picture of life for a housewife who is tormented by her past, deeply unsatisfied, and suffering from a very dangerous type of mental illness.

Hunter, brilliantly played by actress Haley Bennett, is the portrait of the perfect housewife. She cooks, cleans, and is always eager to please her obnoxious husband Richie, played by Austin Stowell, …

Nightmare Cinema Delivers The Horror Fan’s Deserve To See

This past Christmas I treated myself and got a subscription to Shudder the thriller and horror streaming service. Shudder has a lot of treats to offer horror fans including the hit series Creepshow and Joe Bob Briggs Last Drive-In just to name a few.

The movies Shudder has to offer range from the supernatural to the slashers. One of the selling points in getting Shudder was the movie that I’m about to review called Nightmare …

IT Chapter Two Review

We went and saw a movie I have been waiting all year to see, IT Chapter Two. The movie will hit theater’s this week and will surely be a delight for fans of Stephen King and his killer clown creation Pennywise. The movie was well worth the wait, and don’t be surprised if you see more Pennywise costumes this Halloween.

Pennywise has returned after a twenty-seven-year slumber and begins feasting on the children of Derry …

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Blu-Ray Review

The Movie

Ever since the release of the original How To Train Your Dragon back in 2010, the unlikely animated series has remained Dreamworks Animation’s flagship franchise. As a result, the series – based on the popular children’s books written by Cressida Cowell – has become one of the most rewarding trilogies that Dreamworks Animation has ever created. Although the first film is a modern animated classic, the second was a slight disappointment, even though …

Captain Marvel Blu-Ray Review

Captain Marvel

The Movie

In terms of 2019 superhero releases, Captain Marvel is perhaps one of the most culturally relevant films this year. It also happens to be one of the most divisive. This isn’t a fault of the movie itself, but it just happens to be from the circumstances surrounding it. Aside from this non-controversy, Captain Marvel remains a solid entry in the MCU. It’s not perfect by any means, but the film remains notable for …

Aquaman Is DC’s Most Profitable Movie Because It’s Their Best Movie

Aquaman’s Exciting Hero’s Journey Origin Story  Is DC’s Best Movie

5 of 5 DangersFive out of Five Dangers

(DM) — Aquaman Is DC’s Most Profitable Movie Because It’s Their Best Movie, not Superman, not Batman, not Wonder Woman, none of DC’s trinity own that title. All of them pale in comparison to Aquaman. Who knew Aquaman would be the best movie in the DC Extended Universe? Long time DC comic book writer Geoff Johns delivered an epic journey.…

Review: M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass Starts Off Strong, But Fails To Connect

After just returning home from the theater and sitting with our thoughts we can’t help but feel a bit robbed after much anticipation for M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film “Glass”. The film gets off to a strong start as we are re-introduced to fan-favorite characters from both 2000’s “Unbreakable” and 2016’s  “Split”, but later the film takes a turn that leaves us both baffled and bewildered. Overall, it just runs out of steam.

From “Unbreakable”, …

DangerMan Movie Review of Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Movie Review

DangerMan Movie Review of Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel Has No Spoilers

Spoiler Free Review(DM) — Do you like uncomplicated, spoiler free movie reviews? Good. This is where you will find your best review of the Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel’s official movie release date is March 8, 2019. Captain Marvel’s superhero power is supported by a modest budget of 152 million. Need more female superhero power? It’s directed by Anna Boden and Ryan …

Meta New Age Animation Earns Into the Spider-Verse a Best Movie Review

Spider-Man Goes Meta

5 of 5 DangersFive out of Five Dangers

Into the Spider-Verse is a Meta Loaded New Animation

(DM) — Let’s get one thing straight. Best movie reviews are hard to get. Into the Spider-Verse is not your typical animated film. There is a ton in it to distinguish it from other Spider-Man stories, animation and superhero movies. Into the Spider-Verse is loaded with meta references. Blink and you’ll miss a meme or Easter Egg.

Spider DropHighly intricate and deep …