Netflix Spreads The Holiday Cheer With The Christmas Chronicles

I want to thank Netflix for creating a new tradition in my life, and that will be watching the Netflix original The Christmas Chronicles every Christmas from here on out. If you have been wondering what Kurt Russell has been up to, this movie is for you. Kurt Russell has been quietly stuffing his tummy full of Christmas cookies and getting ready to deliver a great performance as a cool hip, Santa Claus.

The movie …

‘The Answer’ Review

After a death, a group of friends set out to the woods in search of adventure and the bonding of great friendships. No, this is not a Stand By Me remake, it’s The Answer.

Following the tragic and sudden death of a spouse, a group of friends take their recently widowed friend out on a camping trip to the woods in hopes of bringing him back from the deep hole of depression.

Okay, so

The Tragedy of “Bohemian Rhapsody” Isn’t How Freddie Mercury Died, It’s How (It Thinks) He Lived and the Man Behind the Camera

If polls were run to see who the most iconic personality in music is, the results would certainly lean towards Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, the bastion of beautifully flamboyant, unchecked and unmatched opulence. Decades after his untimely passing from AIDS and his presence is one both widely felt and deeply missed. Of course that means a life as flashy, defiant and legendary as his would make for a great movie, as its taken near thirty …

The Darkness is Ours to Take in Luca Guadagnino’s Hellish, Operatic and Unapologetically Feminist “Suspiria” Update

“How the hell do you remake Suspiria?!” A valid question all fans of scary movies have wondered since David Gordon Green announced he would repurpose Dario Argento’s legendary Technicolor-soaked supernatural giallo about the sinister events taking place inside an esteemed ballet academy into an all-new experience last decade – an announcement made all the stranger as the project was following his 2008 hit Pineapple Express, though one can argue how a transition from …

‘The Best of The Three Stooges’ DVD Review

The Three Stooges have been making families laugh for decades. Larry, Moe, and Curly were the three kings of slapstick comedy and paved the way for many comedians for years to come. Time Life has honored the iconic trio by releasing an exclusive The Best of The Three Stooges set.

Time Life’s The Best of The Three Stooges set is a 13 disc set which includes the 87 Columbia Pictures shorts 1934-1945, 14 Shemp Howard …

‘The Guardians (Les Gardiennes)’ Review

You want an old fashioned drama? Look no further, The Guardians is here.

The Guardians (Les Gardiennes) is a film set during World War I about love and loss. While the men are out fighting the war, the women of the Paridier farm have to maintain the land as they also have to worry if their husbands, brothers and sons will return home. The drama begins to pick up when an outsider, Francine

Hush Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Boogeyman… A Worthy “Halloween” Forty Years Later

When it comes to slasher movies, the gold standard is undoubtedly John Carpenter’s Halloween, something other legends and veterans in the scary movie industry openly attest to. Back in 1978, no one could predict that an independent film about a masked serial killer going after babysitters on All Hallow’s Eve would thrust itself into the proverbial stratosphere the way Halloween did and continues to with endless sequels, remakes, comic books, action figures, countless conventions …

‘Saved By The Bell: The Complete Collection’ Review

Nostalgia is such a great thing. It brings us back to a time where we all enjoyed the simple things and didn’t have to pay bills! Am I right? Well, teen comedy turned Saturday morning hit series, Saved By the Bell is one of the shows that bring back all of the nostalgia, especially if you’re a product of the 80s and early 90s like myself. Saved By the Bell ran from 1987 under its …

‘The Death of Superman’ Review – What ‘Batman v. Superman’ and ‘Justice League’ Should Have Been

Warner Bros. Animation has brought one of the most iconic moments in comic book history to the animated DC Universe. Death of Superman retells the story from issue #75 of Superman (1992) when Superman met his demise to the hands of Doomsday. DC has told this story once before in another animated film with Superman/Doomsday (2007) in which it was loosely based on the original story. It forever changed the comic book world – could …

‘Dead Night’ Review – An Homeage to the Horror Genre

Zombies, Murder, and Gore – Oh my! I’ve never been much of a horror buff and I’m not one to get excited when a new horror film comes out unless it’s some sort of a psychological thriller. That being said, I do have a few favorite films from the genre and I do appreciate what the genre has done for the industry, so I hope you readers can hear me out. Dark Sky Films’ Dead

‘Skyscraper’ Spoiler-Free Review: Exactly The Film It Needs To Be


Whether it was intentional or not, it’s kind of a shame that the new Dwayne Johnson vehicle ‘Skyscraper’ is being released on the eve of ‘Die Hard’s 30th anniversary. It’s a film that will inevitably draw comparisons to ‘Die Hard’, but on the eve of film’s 30th birthday, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the comparisons. The curcular nature of the Hollywood machine is an interesting thing. Since it’s …

‘Wonder Wheel’ or: When Autopilot Woody Allen Goes on Autopilot

wonder wheel

When Woody Allen makes a movie these days, it’s akin to watching a dart in midair as it readies to hit the board. When he makes a hit, it hits (‘Midnight in Paris, ‘Blue Jasmine, ‘Café Society’, even older hits such as ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors); when the project flops, oh boy, does it flop (‘You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and …