AFI’s Movie Choice for 4/19/2020

Daveed Diggs just shared his AFI Movie Club selection: JURASSIC PARK. The movie appears on AFI’s 100 YEARS…100 THRILLS list as one of the most thrilling American films! Two AFI Life Achievement Award recipients helped bring JURASSIC PARK to life – director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams.

Movie Trivia: A 20-foot live-action robotic Tyrannosaurus rex was created for the movie. It was built from fiberglass and 3,000 pounds of clay, and it took 12 …

Alicia Silverstone Shares AFI Movie Choice

Alicia Silverstone announced her AFI Movie Club selection: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

This movie appears on three of AFI’s lists of the greatest American films – AFI’s 100 YEARS…100 SONGS, AFI’s 100 YEARS…100 CHEERS and AFI’s 100 YEARS OF MUSICALS and ranks #7 on AFI’s Top 10 list of the greatest animated films of all time!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was also the first animated feature to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award…

Man Discovers A Ghostly Figure In Image Taken At Hotel That Inspired “The Shining”! We Are Not Surprised!


(PCM) A tourist from Houston, Texas named Henry Yau was taking photographs at the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado when he was shocked to discover that his image of the staircase in the hotel lobby featured more than just the hotel decor. Yau captured what appears to be the ghostly apparition of a woman dressed in black standing at the top of the stairwell.

For those that are unaware, the Stanley Hotel is …

AFI Late Breaking News

The American Film Institute (AFI) announced today that its new program AFI Movie Club has expanded the organization’s social reach, uniting more film lovers than ever before. Since the launch on March 31, AFI has garnered over 2.5 million impressions on social media and visits to the AFI website have increased by 124% with users spending 72% more time on the AFI Movie Club page than other pages on the site.


Special guest Academy …

Emma Roberts Shares AFI Movie Pick

Emma Roberts shared her choice for today’s AFI Movie Club selection: ARRIVAL. The film won an AFI AWARD in 2016. It was recognized as one of the 10 most outstanding films of the year.

Trivia: ARRIVAL is based on the 1998 short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang. The film title was changed because the filmmakers thought it sounded too much like a romantic comedy.

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Doolittle

Do you need something to watch while at home during these uncertain times? Look no further than Doolittle, which has an all-star cast led by Robert Downey Jr.
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Taika Waititi Reveals News Regarding Thor: Love & Thunder

Director Taika Waititi recently hosted an Instagram watch party for “Thor: Ragnarok and viewers were surprised when both actress Tessa Thompson and actor Mark Ruffalo showed up to join in with fans as well.

During the watching party, there was some discussion and comments from Waititi regarding the upcoming film “Thor: Love & Thunder” and some rumors were addressed. Waititi definitely confirmed that the Silver Surfer would not be making an appearance in the film, …

Eva Longoria’s AFI Movie Club Pick

Eva Longoria shared her AFI Movie Club selection: GILDA. Check out the video discussing her choice!

The film stars Rita Hayworth and appears on AFI’s 100 YEARS…100 SONGS list of the greatest American movie music of all time – and Hayworth appears as #19 on AFI’s 100 YEARS…100 STARS!


DID YOU KNOW? GILDA was originally written as an American gangster film. The more salacious events in the story were threatened by censorship codes, so …

Brad Pitt Shares His AFI Movie Club Selection

Earlier this week, Brad Pitt joined other celebrities by announcing his AFI Movie Club selection: BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford as the infamous outlaws, the film appears on AFI’s original and 10th anniversary lists of the greatest American films – and the dynamic duo of Butch and Sundance were co-ranked #20 among AFI’s greatest screen heroes!

DID YOU KNOW? The real Butch Cassidy never used violence or firearms …

Badland Sneak Peek

The Badland trailer was just released and we have a sneak peek!


More info:

Singer/actor Trace Adkins portrays a grandiloquent former general who, not surprisingly, would rather not be hanged for his wartime misdeeds.  Dern and Sorvino’s effective and affecting performances, are so emotionally and dramatically satisfying, they together forward the storyline via a chilling run-in with a violent land-grabber played by James Russo. 2020 Oscar honorree, Wes Studi figures into the mix as …

Elisabeth Moss Chooses AFI Movie Club Selection

Elisabeth Moss announces today’s AFI Movie Club selection: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY… The film is celebrated across a number of AFI’s lists – and shows up at #6 on AFI’s 10 TOP 10 list of the greatest romantic comedies of all time!



DID YOU KNOW? The film’s famous line – “I’ll have what she’s having” (#33 on AFI’s Top 100 Quotes) – was delivered by Rob Reiner’s mother! Watch this exclusive AFI Archive …

Halle Berry Shares AFI Movie Club Selection

Halle Berry announces today’s AFI Movie Club selection: E.T.: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL. The film is a fixture on AFI’s lists of the greatest American films, appearing on five of the iconic lists – including #6 among the most inspiring films of all time! Two AFI Life Achievement Award recipients helped bring E.T.: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL to our world – director Steven Spielberg (1995) and composer John Williams (2016).

DID YOU KNOW? Steven Spielberg and producer Kathleen Kennedy