Pre-Metal Sounds – The Seeds of Heavy Metal

This year we celebrate 50 years of Heavy Metal, whose birth is credited to Black Sabbath, who released their self-titled debut on February 13, 1970 and quickly followed that up with “Paranoid” released on September 18, 1970. “Paranoid” featured the title track, “Iron Man” and “War Pigs”, three of the all time enduring classics. Sabbath did not spontaneously combust out of a vacuum. The 1960’s had many artists who were planting seeds, and cultivating the …

Top New Trends For Rock Music In The 2020’s

Fire From The Gods ©2020 Johnnie Crow Photos

Towards the end of every decade, a couple of artists emerge with something different, that leads to new trends for the following decade. In 1969, Led Zeppelin took the final step towards what became heavy metal, which Black Sabbath unleashed upon the 1970’s. In the late 1970’s, Van Halen took the world by storm, leading to a guitar explosion in the 1980’s, with one path towards glam …

Did Visa Cards Really Begin As A Social Experiment?

Visa photo

Photo by DeclanTM

(PCM) If you were to check just about anyone’s wallet these days surely you would most likely find at least one credit or debit card tucked safely inside. It would also be a safe assumption to say at least one of these cards would bear the Visa logo, as it is certainly one of the most popular credit cards in the world.

But did you know that the Visa card as we …

Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Real Life Wife Will Tell The Origin Tale All The Walking Dead Fans Want To See

I remember a few years back I had the honor of covering the Walking Dead press room at San Diego Comic Con. I got to ask a question that I was surprised no one else had asked in the press room. The person I got to ask my question too was none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan who portrays baddie Negan on the series.

“When will we see a Negan origin story?” Was the question …

Five Fave: New York Jets 2021 Bold Predictions

The 2020 New York Jets football team is awful, historically awful. In a record-setting season for scoring points, where quarterbacks routinely throw 4 touchdowns in a single game, the Jets, led by an alleged offensive guru in Adam “Crazy Eyes” Gase, only managed to throw 4 TD’s total in their first 8 games. Amidst talk of “Tanking for Trevor”, the Jets have recently managed to blow leads against the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders …

Surrealist Salvador Dali Once Collaborated With Walt Disney

In 1944, surrealist artist Salvador Dali and Disney studio artist John Hench of Walt Disney came together to collaborate on an animated short film titled “Destino”. The film was only seven minutes in length and was not officially completed and released until 2003.

It took nearly 60 years for “Destino” to make it’s debut and it is about a young woman and Janus, the God of Time trying to love each other. You can watch …

Iration Concerts In Your Car at Del Mar Fairgrounds

Iration ©2020 Johnnie Crow Photos

Iration completed a 3 date “Coastin’ at the Drive-In” tour at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, California on December 5, 2020. It was an especially chilly evening for Southern California, but that did not stop the island vibes.

Iration ©2020 Johnnie Crow Photos

The show was part of the Concerts In Your Car series, presented by Subaru. A high square stage was erected in the middle of the …

The Season Is Here To Watch The Christmas Chronicles 2

Christmas season is upon us and that means that a plethora of Christmas movies will be hitting the airways. One such movie is Christmas Chronicles 2. That is right the sequel to the hit movie that first came to Netflix in 2018 has just dropped its sequel a few weeks back. This sequel came out of nowhere and I was so happy to see it come across the screen.

We are all living in a …

Evanescence Announces Livestream Event on December 5th

Evanescence Announces Livestream Event on December 5th

Performing both new and old songs, tickets for Evanescence: A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio are available now at

Watch the new live video for “Use My Voice” 


Evanescence will be hosting their first public performance of the COVID era, a livestream concert experience dubbed  Evanescence: A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studioon Saturday, December 5th at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm …

The Origins Of The Christmas Ornament


(PCM) It is the time of year where we are ready to deck the halls and begin trimming our Christmas trees. For many families this is time for togetherness and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the impending holiday season. The tradition of the Christmas tree as we know it today began here in America in the early 1700’s, however the Christmas tree itself dates back to 15th and 16th century Germany.  Evergreens were …

IRATION “Coastin’ At The Drive-In” Live Shows December 3rd-5th

Announces “Coastin’ At The Drive-In”
Three Socially Distanced Live Shows in
Southern California December 3rd-5th
Tickets On Sale Now!
New Album Coastin’ Available Everywhere
Reggae-influenced alternative rock band Iration has announced three Southern California drive-in shows. The special “Coastin’ At The Drive-In” run comes to Anaheim on December 3rd, Ventura on December 4th and Del Mar (San Diego) on December 5th. The socially distanced live shows

My Weight Loss Adventure Week Four

My Weight Loss Adventure – Thanksgiving

It is week four of my journey and I am still unable to get weighed.  This makes the task a little harder as I really don’t know if I’m moving forward or not.  I have done my best to implement the suggestions made by the dietician and I am starting to do better with those.  I have limited all the sugar drinks, including juice, from the diet.  My main …