What’s Coming to Netflix in April 2022

Netflix News and Streaming Lists For April 2022

The Crown Set Heist-$200,000 Worth of Props Taken 

Netflix’s period piece drama The Crown was recently a victim of a $200,000 set heist. On February 16th 2022, three trucks parked in Mexborough in Yorkshire were broken into and over 30 items were stolen including a replica of a 1897 Imperial Coronation Fabergé coach egg, Russian religious icons, and 22 sets of gold and silver candelabras. The props

Euphoria season 2 Experiments With Non-Linear Storytelling-and Kinda Fails

Euphoria Season Two Was Definitely Shocking, But Was it as Good as Season One?

HBO’s emmy-award-winning teen drama Euphoria concluded its second season yesterday with its finale episode featuring crucial events that are indefinitely going to shape the next season and from on-screen and off. 

Euphoria stars Zendaya as Rue Bennett, a teenager battling addiction. The show follows her and her friends as they navigate a complicated landscape of dysfunctional families, difficult relationships, and learning

What’s Coming to Hulu in March 2022

Hulu March 2022 News 

Futurama to Recieve Revival With Most of the Original Voice Cast Returning

Matt Groening of The Simpson’s futuristic comedy Futurama is getting a revival and it’s coming to Hulu. Groening will be working with another Futurama veteran David X. Cohen so fans don’t have to worry about sacrificing the show’s authenticity and originality. In addition to the original creators hopping on board to produce the revival, original cast members Billy West,

Julia Garner Wasn’t Enough to Keep Me from Turning Off the Pilot of Inventing Anna

I Turned Off the Pilot of Inventing Anna

As an avid Ozark fan, I am obsessed with everything Emmy award-winning actress Julia Garner stars in. I’ve actually been watching her unknowingly since I first saw one of my favorite movies, Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks Of Being A Wallflower where Garner was on screen for literally 4 seconds playing Charlie’s middle school friend Susan. 

Julia Garner is a wonder to behold not just because of her

What’s Coming to Disney+ in March 2022

March 2022 Disney+ News 

Olivia Rodrigo Tells The Story of Her Chart-Topping Album With New Documentary

Disney star of High School Musical: The Musical The Series and Bizaardvark Olivia Rodrigo has made a name for herself as one of the most influential modern pop stars of the budding decade. Her single “Driver’s License” was Billboard’s number one song for eight weeks straight and streamed over 76.1 million times. Her rock-inspired breakup anthem “Good 4 U” …

Those Who Walk Away- A Horror Movie for Modern Struggles

Robert Rippberger and Booboo Stewart Talk About the Filming Process for Their New Horror/Drama

Director Robert Rippberger’s new film Those Who Walk Away teaches audiences about trauma, pain, and how the connections we make with each other help or hurt us. Disney’s Descendants star Booboo Stewart plays Max, a young man dealing with fierce emotions and a difficult past. He meets Avery (Scarlett Sperduto) on a dating app and after spending time together and sharing

Paper Citizen Singer Claire Gohst Talks New Single and Gives Guidance to Aspiring Artists

Claire Gohst Tells How Music Saved Her Life

Hailing from Singapore, LA based pop rock artist and front runner of Paper Citizen Claire Gohst(she/they) has always kept her head up even in the darkest of times. After having to leave home at 17 for coming out as queer to her parents, Claire quickly traveled to the states to discover their love of music and create a sense of community. As an upcoming POC queer artist, …

What’s Coming to HBOMax in March of 2022

HBOMax News For March 2022

Comedy Central series South Side has been renewed for a third season on HBOMax. The show follows Sultan Salahuddin and Kareme Young as Simon and Kareme, two community college grads who have big dreams for the future. Unfortunately, they’re stuck working at a rental company in their Englewood, Chicago neighborhood. While South Side made its debut on comedy central, HBOMax picked the show up for season two, introducing the show

What’s Coming to Amazon Prime Video in March of 2022

Amazon Prime News for March 2022


Return To Middle-Earth: See the Official Rings of Power Teaser Here

Who Knew that Jeff Bezos was a LOTR fan? The official teaser trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was aired just yesterday during the Superbowl, sending fans into a frenzy. After multiple streaming services including HBOMax and Netxlif battled for the rights to J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterful fantasy series Amazon ultimately won out

The 2022 Oscar Nominations Are Here

The 94th Annual Academy Awards Have Just Released Their 2022 Official Nominations. 

The 2022 Academy Awards just dropped their nominees and film enthusiasts are already scrambling to get their predictions in for the typical oscar party to secure bragging rights among their friends. 

The nominees this year were pretty predictable with Disney once again serving as the front runner for the animation and music category and Stephen Spielberg’s West Side Story remake receiving 7 nominations

The Fallout Grapples With Loss, Love, and Healing-But is it Properly Executed?

Megan Park’s The Fallout Review

The Secret Life of The American Teenager’s Megan Park’s directorial debut, The Fallout was just released last week on HBOMax, a new gen-z centered film starring Jenna Ortega of Disney’s Stuck In The Middle and Netflix’s You and Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms.

The film depicts the two girl’s budding relationship after being caught in their school bathroom together during a school shooting, their co-star Niles Fitch’s character Quinton also

Ozark Season 4 Part 1 Review-Is It Worth The Watch?

Ozark Season 4, Part 1 Review

Netflix’s Emmy-award-winning drama Ozark premiered part one of its season four series finale just a couple of weeks ago and fans are already ready for what’s next.

The series follows the Byrde family, consisting of wicked smart and level-headed Marty(Jason Bateman), cunning and manipulative Wendy (Laura Linney), emotionally driven and meticulous Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) and structured but passive Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz).

The Byrde’s who’ve previously been laundering money for …