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Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player?

Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player?

(DL) — The game of paintball comes in many formats or game types. There are some skills every form requires of you. Skill assets add up in paintball. We all want to raise our ability to outplay our opponents. These Four stand out as skills essential to being a true threat on the field. As a rec ball and scenario player, …

How To Play Paintball For the First Time

How to play paintball for the first timeHow to play paintball for the first time

This is how you Play Paintball for the First Time

The first time you play paintball, play the edge of the field to cut half the field out from being able to shoot you. Shadow an advanced player. Keep your gun up at all times to cut reaction time. Stay on your feet to cut time to flee. Trees are best as are any tall wide stand-up bunker that keeps you on your feet. Dress …

Paintball Run Through Explained

Learn about the paintball run through in this short detailed break downLearn about the paintball run through in this short detailed break down

How To Perform An Effective Run Through In Paintball

A run through in paintball can take place in any of the three major formats, woodsball, speedball, and scenario. A paintball run-through is a common form of bunkering in speedball. It is move that requires a mental model of nerves of steel …or more realistically an expectation of being shot.

While it may be the most humiliating way to get bunkered, it’s the most …

The Must Have Tipx Upgrade

The Must-Have Tipx Upgrade

(DL) I have finally found the must-have upgrade for your Tipx Paintball Pistol. Well, let’s start off with, I don’t ever use my Tipx. Period. I’d rather shoot anything off my wall and it just sits around. DangerMan reached out to me asking if I had said pistol and proceeded to send me an email confirming shipment of a receiver sleeve/front block for the Tipx. And in this package came …

Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

Dye Paintball's Flex Barrel CoverDye Paintball's Flex Barrel Cover

Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

 (DL) —  Dye Paintball upgrades the bayonet style barrel cover with hex head wrench storage!  Hitting the streets the end of June 2019, Dye has created the Flex, a silicone barrel sock which stores not one, but two hex head allen keys, 1/8 and 3/16. Great for Dye paintball gun owners. It will sell for a friendly $14.95 msrp. Yes, you can get one through DangerMan’s Lair.

  • Colors-Red, Lime, Olive,

The Scenario Paintball Guide of 2019

(DL) — If you play any scenario game in 2019, you need our latest woodsball scenario guide. I am a Scenario Player. There. I said it. I have finally acknowledged my problem and I’m going to make sure that after reading this Scenario Paintball Guide, you’ll join in my struggle.

What’s going on here? See the woodline? Thousands of assigned “German” team players are defending it like the shores of Normandy. The players in this

Three Rivers Paintball’s Black Hawk Down Woodsball Scenario Game Review

Three Rivers Paintball’s Black Hawk Down Woodsball Scenario Game Review

 (DL) — On Saturday, May 11, 2019, Three Rivers Paintball in Pittsburgh Facebook, (TRP Website), Pennsylvania was host to Mission Master Scenario Paintball‘s Black Hawk Down woodsball scenario. Here is my game review. While a review is subjective, what makes a review worthy of your time is illustrating unique facts, things that can’t be disputed. Keep that in mind as you read

Dye DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Marker & Woodsball Paintball Gun

Dye DSR Tequila Sunrise Paintball GunDye DSR Tequila Sunrise Paintball Gun

Dye DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Marker & Woodsball Paintball Gun

(DL) — Dye’s DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Paintball Gun – Father Son Two Gun Review. Did you know that legendary L.A. Ironmen’s Billy Wing is the designer of the DSR?  We talked to him in depth about the DSR. The DSR is a dangerous gun. Why? Because it has the qualities of a DLX Luxe, a Bob Long Insight, a Dye …

1 v 1 Interview with Jim Rost, Fulda Gap NATO General

Jim Fost Nato General Fulda Gap Paintball ScenarioJim Fost Nato General Fulda Gap Paintball Scenario

1 v 1 Interview  with Jim Rost Fulda Gap NATO General

(DL) — Jim Rost is this year’s Fulda Gap NATO General. I had the pleasure of serving as a Commander under Jim last year and can tell you that he’s one of the best Commanding Officers that I’ve ever played under in around 20 years of playing paintball. Now, I get to go 1 v 1 with him.

While I’ll be flinging paint towards …

1 v 1 Interview Archangel Mikel the Warsaw Fulda Gap General

Archangel Mikel in all his gloryArchangel Mikel in all his glory

1 v 1 Interview with Archangel Mikel Warsaw Fulda Gap General

(DL) — We sit down to a 1 v 1 talk with Archangel Mikel, this year’s Fulda Gap Warsaw General. A well-known scenario player in the US, he now gets to hold the keys on Warsaw’s well-oiled machine. Time to go 1 v. 1 with him.

Archangel looking pretty epic by Inspire Photography
Archangel looking pretty epic by Inspire Photography

How long have you been playing paintball? How did you get

A Quick Guide to Fulda Gap

A Quick Guide to Fulda Gap

(DL) — Ask scenario paintball players about the best games to go to, and you’ll soon be lead to the middle of nowhere, North Carolina, to Command Decisions Wargames Center. Every year at the beginning of November 1500 or so men and women get together to shoot the ever living crap out of each other on a large, impressive field filled with buildings, bunkers, bases, hills, and forests. If …

Doomsday Prep To Get Ready for Fulda Gap Woodsball Scenario

Doomsday Prep To Get Ready for Fulda Gap Woodsball Scenario

(DL) — You’ve decided to go to Fulda Gap this year in Taylorsville North Carolina. You’ve even signed up. You’re thinking just sit back and relax. All you need to do is show up. Do you honestly believe you just need to walk up to the Command Decisions Wargames Center at 9 AM on Saturday and you are ready to play? No. Just no. …

NFL Draft 2019 Round Two

Here is the results from Round Two of the NFL Draft.

Round 2

33. Arizona Cardinals: Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

34. Indianapolis Colts (via trade with Jets): Rock Ya-Sin, DB, Temple

35. Jackonville Jaguars (via trade with Raiders: Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

36. San Francisco: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

37. Carolina Panthers (via trade with Seahawks): Greg Little, OT, Mississippi

38. Buffalo Bills (via trade with Raiders): Cody Ford, OT, Oklahoma

39. Tampa Bay …

I Can Tell You Who To Use To Anodize Your Paintball Gun!

Answers to anodizing your paintball gunAnswers to anodizing your paintball gun

I Can Tell You Who To Use To Anodize Your Paintball Gun!

(DL) — So you just finished your dream build, and you’re only unsure of one last thing. Who should you use to ano your paintball gun? I can tell you! But the answer probably isn’t what you think, if someone just gives you a company’s name and saying, “I can tell you who to use to anodize your paintball gun,” they’re probably wrong. …

The Sexy Side of Paintball with Adriana Andreko

Can women be sexy in paintball in today's culture?Can women be sexy in paintball in today's culture?

The Sexy Side of Paintball with Adriana Andreko

(DL) — Our third podcast of the season is up. It’s part two with Adriana Andreko.

Is feminism at risk if women are sexy in paintball? Are the days of women playing with sexy images in promotion gone? Can a woman simply be flirtatious in the game of paintball without drawing negative attention?

How do women fit into the world of paintball?  Adriana holds nothing back.…

Fill Your Paintball Tanks At Home With A Personal Paintball Air Compressor

At home fill stationAt home fill station

Fill Your Paintball Tanks At Home With A Personal Paintball Air Compressor

(DL) —  Do you want to be air’d up before the next paintball game? Why not fill your paintball tanks at home with your own personal paintball air compressor? It’s not a knock-off! Yong Heng is the original from which the knock-offs are made!

If you live a long distance from a field like I do, personally you know that running out of …

Woodsball Paintball Tip

Woodsball Paintball Tip - 5 Forms of Field AwarenessWoodsball Paintball Tip - 5 Forms of Field Awareness

Woodsball Paintball Tip

(DL) — Here’s a hot woodsball paintball tip. How do players seem to instinctively know when to make a bold move with a huge pay-off. You’ve seen it in every form of paintball. Where speedball paintball has it’s Olly Lang’s and Brian Greenspan’s, woodsball paintball has DangerMan.

Is It Instinct?

They share something in common. What’s earned them all respect for both in-game athleticism and superior tactical gameplay isn’t instinct. It’s a …

The DPO GDPR Compliance Guide

Lars Hindsley's DPO GDPR Compliance Guide

The Importance Of This DPO GDPR Compliance Guide

Do you or your organization process personal data? Does your website(s), application(s) or peripheral assets store data? Is this your first exposure to the letters, GDPR? Or DPO?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the previous questions, continue reading. You may now be vulnerable to catastrophic financial liability. You may need a DPO. Fast! They may need this guide.

You may now be exposed to

Defining A Win In Paintball

What Are The Rules to Winning a Paintball Game?What Are The Rules to Winning a Paintball Game?

What Defines A Win In Paintball?

What is paintball? And just how does anyone achieve a win? Since paintball’s beginning  there have been two ways paintball is played to achieve a win. There are also two primary ways the game is played. A quick overview foundation will help here.

Paintball’s Two Forms

Woodsball, speedball and all the game types within them are built on two formats. Elimination or objective. These two formats dictate how …

Podcast Paintball Talk with Adriana Andreko

Women In Paintball PodcastWomen In Paintball Podcast

Podcast Paintball Talk with Adriana Andreko

(DL) — Our second podcast of the season is up. In two parts, we talk to Adriana Andreko about women in paintball.

We discuss interesting cultural questions such as, is it okay for a woman to use sexuality in recruiting men to play?

We also learn a lot about paintball in Pittsburgh where she and her husband work as ref’s and play religiously. Dan even has his own paintball …

Celebrities Support Paintball Fundraiser

Brian Posehn and Ron Funches Support Paintball FundraiserBrian Posehn and Ron Funches Support Paintball Fundraiser

Paintball Fundraiser Gets Support from Comedian Ron Funches, Deadpool Writer Brian Posehn and Other Celebrities

(DL) – A host of celebrities outside and inside paintball have stepped up to support an upcoming paintball event, Paint for Awareness. Deadpool writer Brian Posehn, comedian Ron Funches, star of family film Trolls, and comedian Tapeface and others are part of this event.

Ron Funches has signed copies of Trolls for the raffle
Ron Funches has signed copies of Trolls for the raffle

Paintballers from …

7 Most Important Rules In Paintball

7 Rules In Paintball7 Rules In Paintball

7 Most Important Rules In Paintball

(DL) — Paintball has loads of rules. Some are surprising. There are rules for Speedball. There are different rules for Rec Ball woodsball and hyperball. Here are some very important rules you beginner paintball players better lock down fast.

Woods of Paintball

There are very unique rules for all-day scenario paintball events. You may have not realized it but there are many different types of paintball requiring rules for each type. After …

Bea Youngs Paxson Joins DangerMan’s Lair Writing Team

Bea Youngs PaxsonBea Youngs Paxson

Bea Youngs Paxson Joins DangerMan’s Lair Writing Team

(DL) — February 27, 2019 DangerMan’s Lair proudly welcomes Destiny paintball team founder and legendary paintball player personality Bea Youngs Paxson to the digital magazine staff as contributing writer.

Bea brings 20 years of paintball experience to an ever growing staff of knowledgeable paintball writers to provide new and established paintball players in both woodsball and tournament play a perspective unlike few can provide. Bea is world …

Combate Americas Announces MMA Fight Series

LOS ANGELES – February 8, 2019 – Combate Americas today announced the launch of a two-part, live television Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight series featuring a lineup of top rising stars from Mexico and Spain facing off against one another, beginning with a showdown at the historic Lucha Libre venue, Arena Coliseo in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on Friday, March 8, live in Spanish in the U.S. on both Univision (12 a.m. ET

The Alliance of American Football Announces Game Times


Football season ends in February? We think not. The Alliance of American Football launches its inaugural 10-week season one weekend after the Super Bowl, and game times for the first weekend’s match-ups have just been announced. Who will come out victorious when our 8 teams take the field for the very first time? Which teams will come out on top when they meet for the very first time?


Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando

Brush Up On Your Horse Racing Facts!

horse racing photo

(PCM) Many of us have heard about the infamous Triple Crown in horse racing which consists of the Belmont, Preakness and Kentucky Derby races, however that is about where our knowledge ends. We have gathered together a collection of some horse racing facts to give (ourselves) and you a better understanding behind some of the terminology and history of the sport.

Horse racing is one of America’s oldest pastimes and has been around for generations. …

Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson’s Scary Premonition, Was It An Omen?

(PCM) In the year of 1947, boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson was set to fight 22-year old boxer Jimmy Doyle for the Welterweight Championship. The fight took place on June 25th of 1947 and after being knocked out by a punch from Robinson that won the fight, Doyle never regained consciousness and died roughly about 17 hours after the fight in a hospital.

While the incident was certainly a horrible accident and certainly one of …

Would You Like Fries With That? A Look At Some Of The Oddest Celebrity Food Endorsements

(PCM) Over the years celebrities have endorsed a multitude of various products, however when looking for the most popular our attention generally drifts towards food. Many celebs are quick to hop on the bandwagon and lend their name/likeness  to weight loss products such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, while others have had more signature food dishes created in their honor.

We have taken a look at many celebrity inspired food items and compiled a …

The Story Of WWE’s Most Notorious Double-Cross

(PCM) Some of you may have heard of what has become known as wrestling entertainments most notorious double-cross! It is most often referred to as the “Montreal Screwjob” or the “Montreal Incident”, but do you know what really happened or just who is to blame?  Much of that still remains a mystery as no one wants to take on full blame for the incident, but either way the “Montreal Screwjob” has gone down in WWE …

Just Where Did The High Five Originate?

(PCM) Generally speaking what is one of the first things you do when someone does a good job? You might congratulate them verbally, however you might also give them a high five by excitedly slapping your palm together with theirs to physically say ‘job well done’!

Did you ever wonder just where the concept of the high five originally began? It is claimed that the first documented occurrence of the high five was between Dusty …

Minor League Baseball Team Strikes Out With Sexist Summer Promo

(PCM) The Ogden Raptors, a minor league baseball team from Utah, stirred up some controversy and suffered a major strike out with their sexist summer promo for “Hourglass Appreciation Night”! We seriously cannot figure out how anyone in the teams marketing department thought this was a good idea!

You can look at a transcript of the press release that was put out promoting the event, which has since been removed, below:

Who says baseball is

Destination Springfield: Celebrating Some Perfectly Cromulent Team Names

Destination Springfield: Celebrating Some Perfectly Cromulent Team Names

Among the things they do brilliantly, the writers for one Fox TV show have a knack for observing established protocols when giving name to their fictional sports teams. I was tempted to give them their own chapter in my otherwise way-too-serious book, Naming Rites: A Biographical History of North American Team Names. Instead, that content is here (in a structure that mirrors that of my book).…

Katy Perry Will Headline The Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show


(PCM) The NFL has just revealed that pop superstar Katy Perry has been chosen to perform at the upcoming Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.

Perry’s upcoming performance as headliner of the halftime show will air live on NBC from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona on February 1st, 2015.

Perry is currently on the road with her Prismatic World Tour in Australia, however she tweeted the following message acknowledging the announcement about her …

Aaron Lewis Apologizes For World Series National Anthem Snafu!

(PCM) Country singer and Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has issued an apology after he botched the lyrics while performing the National Anthem to kick-off game 5 of The World Series.

Lewis accidentally rearranged some of the lyrics in the “Star-Spangled Banner” when rather than the line “at the twilight’s last gleaming” he instead jumped to the line “were so gallantly streaming” which doesn’t come until later in the song.

The game was televised nationally on …

Is Paintball Safe?

Is Paintball Safe?

Is Paintball Safe?

(PCM) A recent news development (October 12, 2014) surrounding paintball has brought the sport into question once again. AP reported that in HAUSER, Idaho an 18 year old boy was struck by a bus designed with mounted paintball guns to shoot zombies during a fall Halloween themed event/ride.

Thankfully it was clear that nothing about a paintball gun was the cause. Yet for many years this sport has been targeted as unsafe.…

New Uniforms For The Colombian Women’s Cycling Team Are Creating A Stir


(PCM) The Colombian women’s cycling team has certainly created a ton of buzz on line with their new uniform choice. From the chest up the uniforms resemble your normal run of the mill cycling outfit, however it is the bottom portion of the kit that has created a bit of controversy.

The top portion of the uniform fades down to a beige colored fabric that is more than just a little revealing. While no skin, …

Fall Out Boy Release New Single And Send Fans Into A Frenzy


(PCM)  Rockers Fall Out Boy have dropped their new single “Centuries” today and fans are going absolutely wild. The new track is a #1 trending topic globally on the internet and is currently available right now on iTunes. It will be released to other digital retailers and streaming services including Spotify, Beats and Amazon at midnight tonight.

Fall Out Boy are hot on the heels of their recently-wrapped MONUMENTOUR summer tour which received strong …

Footage Of Concessions Company CEO Abusing A Puppy Has Gone Viral


(PCM) Disturbing footage has recently surfaced that shows the CEO of arena concessions company Centerplate, Desmond “Des” Hauge, violently kicking and pulling on a small doberman pincher puppy named Sade while in an elevator.

The multi-millionaire CEO can be see in the elevator security camera footage repeatedly kick the puppy and then yank so hard on its’ chain that the puppy is actually lifted off of the floor. The poor puppy can be seen cowering …

“When the Game Stands Tall” Hits Theaters August 22

WhentheGameStandsTall(PCM) TriStar Pictures’ When the Game Stands Tall opens in theaters nationwide August 22.

Inspired by a true story, When the Game Stands Tall tells the remarkable journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport.

When the streak is broken, and tragedy strikes the team, Coach Lad must teach his

Petition Created For Weird Al Yankovic To Play The Super Bowl Half Time Show


(PCM) I say why not!  There has been a petition circulating the web asking for people to urge the NFL to allow comedian musician Weird Al Yankovic to perform at the next Super Bowl Half Time show.

If selected, Yankovic would be added to an elite list of performers who have had the honor to grace the stage at the Big Game including U2, Bruce Springsteen, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna, Beyonce and many others.

The …

Sponsored Post: A Visit To #ChocolateHeaven With Roger Federer And Lindsey Vonn


It is always refreshing to learn about sports figures who are always up for new challenges. It has recently been revealed by Swiss chocolate brand Lindt, that tennis champ Roger Federer and ski champ Lindsey Vonn were up to a little secret challenge of their own.

Back in October of 2013, Federer, who is a very active social media user, posted to his Twitter account asking for an athlete to compete against him in …

Coach’s Ban on Sex At World Cup Fails

(PCM) There is a superstition that has been around since the dawn of sports. Sexual abstinence improves performance.

Sex Ban At World Cup

Coaches Ban on Sex At World Cup Fails

The recent coaches’ ban on sex at the World Cup raised this question again.

In summary, the coaches for teams Russia, Chile, Mexico, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Brazil (partial ban) banned sex, calling it a distraction. They did not state sex itself hindered performance yet global reports treated this issue as …

Phillies Baseball Broadcaster Announces His Own Homerun Catch From Outfield

Tom McCarthy catches home run live on TV

Tom McCarthy catches home run live on TV

(PCM) Tom McCarthy managed a baseball first and he isn’t even a player. He announced his own play as it happened.

In what can only be called stranger than fiction, the Philadelphia Phillies inaugural experiment of putting their broadcast announcers in the stands during a game with the fans has produced a made for TV moment.

Baseball Announcer Catches Homerun Live on TV

Baseball Announcer Catches Home run Live on TV

Tom McCarthy Catches Homerun on LIVE TV at Phillies Game

Baseball Announcer Catches

Actor Will Ferrell Threatens To Bite German Soccer Players


(PCM) Making a surprise appearance at the US Soccer World Cup rally, actor and comedian Will Ferrell took to the stage to joke with players and show his support as a fan.

Ferrell told fans that he would be joining the US squad on the field during the match and that he would plan to bite every German player in the same way as the suspended Uruguay player Luis Suarez.

You can check out the …

Kimberly Perry Of The Band Perry Ties The Knot


photo credit: Tec Petaja

(PCM) Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry wed fiancé and pro baseball player J.P. Arencibia at the Christ Chapel First Presbyterian Church in Greeneville, TN on Thursday, June 12th in an intimate setting with family and close friends.

Brothers Reid and Neil Perry were her best men while Arencibia’s young nieces were his groomswomen. Kimberly wore a Reem Acra gown and held a large bouquet of white flowers. Gifts of music …

Paraplegic Wearing An Exo-Skeleton Suit Kicks Off The World Cup


(PCM) In what was truly an amazing feat a young paraplegic man kicked-off the 2014 World Cup in Brazil wearing a mind-controlled robotic suit. The paraplegic man was able to walk onto the field and kick the soccer ball to give the game quite the emotional start.

The suit is part of the “Walk Again Project” and the specially designed exo-skeleton consists of small motors that allow a paralyzed person to walk and even kick …

Super Bowl 50 Logo Revealed With No Roman Numerals


(PCM) The NFL and the San Francisco Bay area Super Bowl committee have released two images that reveal the logo for the upcoming Super Bowl 50. It appears that they have opted not to use the roman numeral “L”, as the feel that using the actually number “50″ will hold more significance.

In a statement to press the NFL had the following to say about the first logo:

While continuing to feature the Vince Lombardi

New York Giants player Justin Pugh’s Mom Found the Recipe for Success

Justin-Pugh-mom1(PCM) One sure-fire recipe for success is to have an ample supply of caring and supportive mothers – just ask New York Giants starting offensive tackle, Justin Pugh.

In fact, his mom and the mom of his best friend since first grade, Jake Lerner, have provided those perfect ingredients. And that helped Justin and Jake, find just the right nourishment to make their lofty dreams come true.

“My dream has always been to play in …

OJ Simpson Reportedly Goes On A Hunger Strike In Prison

OJ1(PCM) Several sources have revealed that OJ Simpson is currently on a hunger strike while incarcerated in a Nevada prison claiming ’I used to live my way, and now I’m going to die my way”.

This news comes after recent reports about the current state of Simpson’s health and well-being with claims that he is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor and diabetes.

Simpson is currently serving time for kidnapping, assault, and robbery and the …

Weather And More Lead To This Year’s Super Bowl Tickets Being Cheaper Than Ever

Super-Bowl1(PCM) The weather for Sunday’s Super Bowl in New Jersey is without a doubt going to be a cold one with temperatures only rising to the high 30′s during the big game. Ticket brokers are partially blaming the weather for the reason that Super Bowl tickets prices have been dropping significantly for this year’s game. They are also claiming that the two teams, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, are just not huge drawing …

American Atheists Unveil Anti-Prayer Billboard For Super Bowl

(PCM) We recently reported about the pro-marijuana and anti-marijuana advocates putting up dueling billboards near MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ where this year’s Super Bowl will be played. Now the American Atheists are getting into the advertising action and have placed their own anti-prayer billboard directly across from the Super Bowl stadium.

Super Bowl ad’s are always known for being a little bit controversial at times and are certainly meant to get people talking, …

Marijuana Policy Project Purchases Super Bowl Billboards


(PCM) In a move that is stirring up a bit of controversy the Marijuana Policy Project has purchased several billboards around MetLife Stadium where this year’s Super Bowl will be held urging the NFL to relax its treatment of marijuana usage.

The billboards feature color schemes that match the two teams playing the big game the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks and oddly enough the states from which both teams hail recently legalized the …

Red Hot Chili Peppers Added To The Super Bowl Half-time Show In New Jersey

Super-Bowl1(PCM) It has recently been announced that rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers will be joining Bruno Mars as performers for the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Half Time Show taking place in New Jersey on February 2nd 2014.

One of the most successful acts in rock history, Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer, Chad Smith, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, have sold more than 60 million albums, including five multi-platinum LPs, …