Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson’s Scary Premonition, Was It An Omen?

(PCM) In the year of 1947, boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson was set to fight 22-year old boxer Jimmy Doyle for the Welterweight Championship. The fight took place on June 25th of 1947 and after being knocked out by a punch from Robinson that won the fight, Doyle never regained consciousness and died roughly about 17 hours after the fight in a hospital.

While the incident was certainly a horrible accident and certainly one of …

The Story Of WWE’s Most Notorious Double-Cross

(PCM) Some of you may have heard of what has become known as wrestling entertainments most notorious double-cross! It is most often referred to as the “Montreal Screwjob” or the “Montreal Incident”, but do you know what really happened or just who is to blame?  Much of that still remains a mystery as no one wants to take on full blame for the incident, but either way the “Montreal Screwjob” has gone down in WWE …

Just Where Did The High Five Originate?

(PCM) Generally speaking what is one of the first things you do when someone does a good job? You might congratulate them verbally, however you might also give them a high five by excitedly slapping your palm together with theirs to physically say ‘job well done’!

Did you ever wonder just where the concept of the high five originally began? It is claimed that the first documented occurrence of the high five was between Dusty …

Brush Up On Your Horse Racing Facts!

horse racing photo

(PCM) Many of us have heard about the infamous Triple Crown in horse racing which consists of the Belmont, Preakness and Kentucky Derby races, however that is about where our knowledge ends. We have gathered together a collection of some horse racing facts to give (ourselves) and you a better understanding behind some of the terminology and history of the sport.

Horse racing is one of America’s oldest pastimes and has been around for generations. …

Top 5 Do’s of Being a Scenario XO

Top 5 xo dos & donts in scenario paintball

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Top 5 xo dos & donts in scenario paintball

Top 5 Do’s of Being a Scenario XO

(DL) Top 5 Do’s of Being a Scenario XO

Scenario paintball games are fun, mission-based events in paintball where players and organizers alike can let their creativity fly. Whether you simulate real-world events or draw upon pop culture, each side has two game-defining factors. Your general and his/her XO. Having a good XO for the scenario can make or …

Paintball Answers the Call During COVID-19

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Paintball Community Answers the Call During COVID-19 Blood Shortage

Lars Hindsley uses the moniker DangerMan on YouTube and on the paintball field(DL)— Paintball community Answers the Call During COVID-19 Blood Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has been contributing to the shortage experienced by blood banks across the nation. Lars Hindsley aka DangerMan organized the Paintball Cares event, partnering with America’s Blood Centers and the American Red Cross to help replace dwindling reserves. Players from all levels of paintball decided to do

Tom Brady Joins Buccaneers

From New England to Tampa Bay! Quarterback Tom Brady, best known for being on the New England Patriots for two decades is moving on to a new team.  It was announced this morning that he will now be part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He made he official announcement on Instagram.
“Tom is a proven champion who has achieved greatness on the field because he demands the best out of himself and his teammates,”

Tom Brady Leaves New England Patriots

Quarterback Tom Brady announced on social media this morning that he is leaving the New England Patriots. He has been with the team for nearly twenty years.

Story developing…


Can Paintball Survive the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Paintball Killer

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Paintball Killer

The Impact Coronavirus Is Having On Paintball in 2020

DM — Social distancing? Not in paintball! Paintball is a sport that draws large groups of people together. Paintballers from every category are taking a protective stance towards the game. As it concerns the coronavirus, we found paintballers are well informed. Here in mid-March 2020, a unified voice of Let the games go on exists everywhere. That could change.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball?

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball?

One of the first questions anyone who considers playing paintball for the first time will ask is “How much does paintball cost?” A first time or beginner paintballer should expect to pay an average of $60.00 on the day. It’s closer to $80.00 if you want the peace-of-mind you won’t run out of paint.

How do we arrive at these numbers to establish the cost of a

Do Paintballs Stain?

Do Paintballs Stain Your Cloths?

Cotton over synthetics is at the most risk of staining. Paint left to dry too long will stain. The stain is very faint. Like all fabrics, vinegar and a horse hair brush are you best solution.

What Is A Paintball?

Paintballs are round .68 caliber shells filled with a colored gel referred to as paint. In the early days of the sport a paintball fill had more paint like properties.