“Treat Map” Makes Hunting For Neighborhood Halloween Candy A Snap!


(PCM) Nextdoor is a free and private social network for neighborhoods and now for the second year in a row they are launching their “treat map” which is the go to tool to find out which homes in your neighborhood are planning on giving out treats for Halloween this year.

The way it works is that neighbors on the social network are able to mark their homes on the map with a candy corn icon …

Looks Like Siri Has Met Her Mate…Introducing “Dom” From Domino’s Pizza


(PCM) Recently, Domino’s Pizza has partnered up with technology company Nuance to create “Dom”, which is a mobile voice to assist customers with voice-enabled ordering.

Much like Apple’s Siri, “Dom” can be called upon for the Domino’s Pizza iOS or Android app. You can vocally tell “Dom” how you like your pizza and he will assist you with creating the perfect pizza pie.

While we have not tried it out for ourselves just yet, sources …