Do Women Have To Choose Between Academics AND Their Love Life?

Why Women in College Should Focus on Academics AND Their Love Life

I have a distinct memory from my Econ 101 professor at Penn State telling me and the rest of the wide-eyed, freshman-class, “These four years are the highest probability in your life that you will be surrounded by others your age with similar proximity, interests, and lifestyles. In other words, the best chance you have at finding your life partner is here.” With …

Today I met Richard, Somebody to Talk To.

by Michael Munson

(Three years ago) Today I met Richard. He approached me while I was walking in the city and I assumed he was looking for money so I handed him all the loose change I had in my jacket. I was in “the zone”. Zigzagging through the busy sidewalk after working out and on my way to the subway.

He looked at me a little hurt and said “I really don’t want anything

Paintball Tips: The Five Forms of Field Awareness

DangerMan’s 5 Forms Of Field Awareness

(DM) — Speedball Paintball has it’s Olly Lang’s and Brian Greenspan’s. In Woodsball, DangerMan is a name players respect for both in game athleticism and superior tactical game play. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Over 15 years of paintball skills manifest themselves in DangerMan videos.

Here DangerMan offers the new and established woodsball paintball player an easy checklist to roll over in your mind as you are engaged in paintball …

How To Evaluate a Dating Profile

Love is Greater Than Money

A Guide to Online Dating

Face it, we’ve all either tried it or use online dating.  Most of us have legitimate reasons for using online dating. Many ‘must’ use online dating due to work hours, lifestyle, or live in rural places, their is a legitimately long list of good reasons. Here are the primary reasons why people MUST use online dating. This will help you …

The Marriage Manifesto: Couples Advice For The Rest of Us

Sarah Allen of Delaware & Lars Hindsley in Central Park on the Mall

The Marriage Manifesto & Couples Advice

If you are thinking of marriage. Read this. Your Future Depends On It.

Marriage is a business contract few realize you sign without ever putting pen to paper. Here’s some advice anyone considering marriage will benefit from reading. This advice comes from perspective. Years of understanding marriage from the inside.

No longer do most people consider marriage forever. Many people divorce without real cause. People feel that exiting a …

8 Items You’re Gonna Want for Your Nursery

8 Items You’re Gonna Want for Your Nursery

When you have a new baby, it can be an overwhelming experience. A baby changes everything: your schedule, your mindset, and your future. Celebrate your new addition and the exciting life changes that come with a new bundle of joy with a fully-decked out nursery.

There’s so much to think about with newborns like their sleeping schedule, their nursing schedule, and how to baby-proof your space. …

Proven Methods to Boost Self-Discipline for Better Health

Proven Methods to Boost Self-Discipline for Better Health

Today’s modern world is absolutely bursting with temptations coming at you, left, right and centre. From food to drinks, technology, and much more; the list is endless, but research illustrates that people who show self-discipline are the happier of the two types of people in this world.

Those who demonstrate a higher state of self-control will fewer minutes deliberating over whether or not to treat themselves to

Five Mistakes You Should Never Make as a Landlord

5 Mistakes You Should Never Make as a Landlord

Being a landlord has its serious perks. If you own the rental property, than you have a pretty great financial investment. If you were hired on as a landlord for an apartment complex, then you might be living rent-free or at a discounted rate.

Either way, it’s a pretty cool win.

However, being a landlord means that there is a lot of responsibility on your …

Dating Coach Helps Couples Find Romance This Spring

Suburban Philadelphia Dating Coach Helps Couples Fall in Love This Spring

Spring is the prefect time to share a trip to the local farmer’s market, a leisurely lunch or a trip to Doylestown or New Hope, with someone special, with an eye on finding love and romance.

But with our busy work and home lives, finding Mr. or Ms. Right can often be extremely tricky.

Especially, since as we get older, and accumulate more baggage, …

Jane Diamond’s Dazzling Road to Heath, Wellness, and Success

Health and Wellness Coach Helps Clients Find Their Passion, Grit and Determination to Foster Healthier Minds and Bodies

When you listen to Jane Diamond’s story you immediately understand that if you follow her lead you can use perseverance, grit, and passion to change the world for yourself and your loved ones.

Diamond, who grew up with humble beginnings with two brothers and a caring single mother, learned at a young age to approach life with …

Important Tips to Finding Love and Romance To Keep You Warm This Winter

Philadelphia Matchmaker and Dating Coach Helps Women and Men Find Their Special Someone This Winter

Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up with the one you love, next to a roaring fire with cup of hot cocoa, and watch holiday movies.

But for those of us who are single, especially when it comes to women and men over age 40, the dating scene can be confusing or bleak.

But Jill Elliott’s more than 32 …

Five Outrageous Ways People Have Used to Get their Resume Noticed

In a tough job market, people will go to some strange lengths to get their resume noticed. While job seekers need to do whatever it takes to get notices, they need to remember that they are still applying for a position in a professional organization. Unless you are seeking a job in a creative field where outrageous behavior is common, it is best to leave the theatrics out of your search techniques. In very specific …